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Does Your Association Have the Best Job Board Software?

With so many job board providers in the marketplace, associations can face many challenges when finding the ideal provider for them. Your job board provider should continuously work with you to find ways to maximize engagement, increase enrollment, and generate revenue.  

So, how do you know if you have the best job board software? 


The software should have stellar reviews 

More than two-thirds of software buyers say reviews significantly impact their purchasing decision. Looking at reviews can help renew your confidence in your current job board software provider, or let you know that it’s time for a change. Reviews give you a snapshot of the software you’re looking at and allow you to evaluate pros and cons from verified reviewers – many of whom are association professionals like you. 

Capterra, the world’s leading software reviews and selection platform, is a great resource. YM Careers was named an Emerging Favorite on Capterra’s 2021 Shortlist for job board software! To create this Shortlist, Capterra analyzed all 180 products in their job board software directory, and selected the highest-rated (by functionality and reviews) and most popular products. 


The software should provide the following: 

For your association

Career advancement opportunities for members  

Become the most reputable place for job seekers and members to job hunt by providing them access to niche jobs in your industry and offer career resources on top of open opportunities.  

New member acquisition  

Your job board may be frequented by non-member professionals within your industry. Utilize these visitors by collecting these new, potential member leads via your career center as prime leads for membership prospecting.  

New learner acquisition  

Career opportunities and continuing education go hand-in-hand. If you offer continuing education course opportunities that correspond with relevant job opportunities, your members will see your association job board as a one-stop-shop for all things professional development.  

Advanced data, reporting, and analytics  

Empower your staff with deep knowledge of job board sales, performance, and user behavior to grow membership and revenue.  

Incremental non-dues revenue  

Employers will pay a premium to reach passive job seekers, resulting in incremental revenue for your association. 

For your members

Higher candidate recognition for job seeking members 

Offer badges on candidate profiles and resumes to indicate they are a member of the organization.  

Personalized search and recommendations  

Increase engagement and job views by recommending opportunities to job seekers based on their prior searches.  

Relevant job openings via email  

Provide your members with emails that feature jobs from your job board directly in their inbox.  

For employers

High ROI employer products  

Offer hiring managers sophisticated options that maximize exposure of their job postings to improve their return on investment.   

Candidate screening and management  

Provide employers with functionality to attract, screen, and manage applicants.  

Access to resumes  

Provide an anonymous resume bank that safeguards job seekers’ identities but allows employers to proactively approach qualified candidates for their open positions 


The software should offer the following capabilities: 

Personalized search  

Increase engagement and job views by recommending opportunities to job seekers based on their prior searches.  

Job alerts and matching  

Automatically send jobs to interested, relevant job seekers via email when they are posted.  

SEO and job distribution  

Optimize every job for search engines, and reach candidates through social media, email, mobile channels, and sophisticated programmatic advertising.  

Mobile responsiveness  

Allow your members to quickly apply to jobs from their mobile devices.  

Anonymous resume bank  

Allow job seekers to upload their resume for employers to proactively approach qualified candidates for their open positions while protecting the job seeker’s identity.  

Offer career resources  

Provide your members with opportunities to earn new certifications and credentials or learn a new skill. 

Provide marketing and sales enablement 

Ensure your job board success by having dedicated marketing and recruitment advertising sales teams at your side. 

The best job board software should never be considered finished, but instead, like any good web-based service, it should always evolve and get better. That means your career center should constantly be working for the future and always planning ahead. 

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