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How to Make Your Career Center Data Work for Your Association

Your career center can be so much more than a job board for your members. Career centers can help your association attract new members, engage with current members, and drive revenue.

So, how do you get your career center data to work for your association and become a true career destination?

Analytics for Everyone: How to Become a Data-driven Organization

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn a framework for creating a data culture and tips for data governance.

Understanding how to utilize data from your career center and put that data to use will help provide insight on job board sales, job seeker registrations and user behavior. You can use reporting and analytics to understand how to market and help attract new employers and job seekers to your site. If you provide resources and content to help your job seekers, you will start to see an increase in traffic as your job board will transform into an industry leader for career resources.

Let’s explore some benefits to job board software and questions to ask your software provider regarding data reporting.

Breaking down career center benefits:

  • Membership recruitment – Build new members to your association! Job seekers can be a great way to grow your association’s membership. You can create membership prospect campaigns geared towards that audience.
  • Membership retention – Your career center can provide membership engagement and support. Help your members see the value in your organization to help with engagement and retention.
  • Networking and career advancement – Provide networking opportunities, such as mentorships and career fairs, and career development resources to support your members growth and career path options.
  • Non-dues revenue – Access to candidates that only your job board can provide is the key to your financial success. Your job board software can drive additional revenue for your association via job board postings, employer advertising opportunities, and more.

Propel your members' careers upward

When considering a job board software solution, it’s important to understand how the software provides reports and statistics based on site traffic and revenue from job board sales. It is also important to understand if your job board software integrates with your association management software (AMS). Understanding how the software integrates and provides analytics will help you develop your membership and marketing plans as well as implement your associations strategic initiatives.

Let’s analyze technology utilized at associations from 2019-2022. This data and so much more information can be found in the 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands.


Technology and solutions Associations utilize


Now that we understand a bit more about how technology can help your organization, let’s explore some questions to ask when you are looking at job board software for your association.

Analytics and reporting questions

How are the metrics for the career center reported and what functions can your organization track? Below are some examples of functions your organization might want to track as well as reporting questions you can ask when learning more about job board software.

  • Site traffic
  • Job board sales
  • Employer leads and job postings
  • Job seekers
  • Year over year comparisons
  • How often can you access your career center reports?
  • How are the reports presented?
  • Is dashboard reporting an option?

Balancing data utilization and member privacy

You can use your association’s career center data to personalize your membership and marketing plans. But how can you walk the tightrope between personalization and data privacy?

If you are interested in learning ways that YM Careers can help your association with job board software let us know!

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