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How to Make Your Career Center Data Work for Your Association

Your online career center can be so much more than a job board for your members. A robust online career center can help your association attract new members, engage with current members, and drive revenue. But did you also know that you can use your career center data to gain big benefits for your association and your members?

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Data from your association’s career center can give you insights into all kinds of metrics and trends, including things like job board sales, job seeker registrations, and user behavior. Using reporting and analytics to gain these types of insights, you can better understand how to attract more employers and job seekers to your site. In turn, you will start to see an increase in traffic as your job board transforms into an industry leader for career development resources.

Using your association’s career center data requires having the right job board software in place. Let’s explore some benefits of using the right job board software as well as some questions to ask your software provider to ensure you can put your association’s career center data to work.

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Benefits of using the right job board software

Having the right job board software in place offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Improved membership recruitment – The right job board software will help you to create a robust online career center that attracts job seekers. You can then create membership recruitment campaigns to convert those job seekers to members.
  • Increased membership retention – With the right job board software, your career center can provide job opportunities and career development resources – both highly valued member benefits. Offering these types of benefits helps your organization to keep members engaged and improve member retention.
  • More networking and career advancement opportunities – When you work with the right job board software provider, you can easily offer networking opportunities through your career center, such as mentorships and career fairs, as well as career development resources that support your members’ growth and career path options.
  • Increased non-dues revenue – Offering employers access to candidates that only your association’s job board can provide is the key to driving revenue. Your job board software can generate additional revenue for your association via job board postings, employer advertising opportunities, and more.

Now that you understand a bit more about how job board software can help your organization, let’s explore some questions to ask when you’re looking for job board software to make sure you can access and use your association’s career center data to optimize the benefits to your association.


Questions to ask when you’re looking for job board software for your association

When considering job board software, it’s important to understand some basics about what kind of data you can track and how you can view and use the information. Here are some questions to ask the job board software provider:

  • What can our organization track in the software? (Some things you might want to track include job board sales, employer job postings, site traffic, job seeker registrations, and year-over-year comparisons.)
  • What reports are available, and what do they look like? For example, are there dashboard reporting options?
  • Does the job board software integrate with association management software (AMS)? (For example, with this type of integration, you might be able to see a list of non-members who visit the job board in your AMS, which you could then use to send personalized member acquisition campaigns. You might also see member activity from the job board in your AMS member records to help you drive more personalized member interactions.)

As you consider job board software to drive your association’s online career center, be sure to consider how the software helps you use career center data. YM Careers by Community Brands offers job board software and career development services that can help you achieve the benefits in this article and more.

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