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3 Employer Benefits of Using an Association Job Board

Job boards are extremely important assets to hiring managers and recruiters looking to hire new talent. Association job boards, in particular, provide a perfect opportunity for employers to get their jobs in front of a group of highly qualified, niche candidates – your members. Your association’s career center also helps streamline the job search process for members. And, if you partner with the right job board provider, you can create a true career destination 

Here are three key employer benefits of using an association job board:

1. Save Money

Reducing costs, when possible, is a top priority for employers. Using an association job board is a lot more effective than advertising on their own website and much more cost-effective than advertising on mass job board sites. And, with one niche pool of talent to work with, employers can minimize labor costs by reducing the amount of work the hiring staff has to do to find the right candidates.  

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2. Access More, Higher-Quality Candidates

Employers who want to expand their reach should turn to association job boards as their solution. By posting jobs on industry-specific association websites, employer jobs can get in front of more qualified candidates, increase brand awareness, and boost website traffic.  

And, if the association has the right job board provider, the software will be user-friendly to employers – easy job posting, numerous advertising opportunities, and seamless candidate screening and management. Thousands of employers rely on association job boards to promote their niche or industry jobs to members. Members search on their trusted association’s career center for jobs specific to their fields, giving employers access to talent not found anywhere else. 

Job boards also provide employers with exclusive access to market jobs to passive job seeking members of the associations. Candidates are matched with jobs, and recommended jobs are promoted via emails, social media channels, digital newsletters, and more. 

The best career center software uses matching technology to market jobs to high-performing members of niche associations – even those members who may not be actively looking for a new opportunity and are not accessible on mass job boards. Strategic marketing plans get jobs in front of professionals with the right skills, competencies and experience that can’t be found on generic job boards. 

3. Simplify the Process

Using association job board software makes for a much simpler job posting and candidate screening process for employers. Especially if there’s a position that urgently needs to be filled, having one place employers can depend on for high quality candidates and a quick, easy process is essential.  

Because your association’s job board provides them with a pool of niche candidates, both active and passive, employers can save valuable time and resources. And, with sophisticated technology, employers can source, screen, and manage applicants all in one career center, simplifying the recruitment process. 


When employers go to association job boards to post open positions, everyone wins. Employers and members alike have a much better chance of finding their perfect match when searching for the right fit within their industry. And associations generate more non-dues revenue as employers pay a premium to get their jobs in front of a highly qualified pool of candidates. 

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