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6 Ways to Take Your Association Job Board to the Next Level

Association industry trends research by Community Brands shows that members are seeking job opportunities. And associations can give members the job opportunities they want by offering an online job board. But what do you do once your association job board software is launched? 

It’s time to take your job board to the next level!

Don’t have an online job board for your association?

Read the guide, Top Questions About Association Job Boards… Answered!, to learn what you need to know about creating a job board for your organization.

With a few best practices, you can transform your job board from simply a place to post and search for job openings to THE go-to career development resource for your industry.  

Here are six effective ways to take your association job board software further giving members a true career destination and letting members know your association is your industry’s resource for career advancement and growth:

1. Offer a career planning portal.

Your members look to your association as a resource to help them find job opportunities. But they also need help planning their careers and landing their next jobs.  

Add career advancement resources to your job board to make it a true online career center. For example, offer:  

  • Career advice, with relevant articles that guide job seekers in their search  
  • Online coaching that provides job strategies and tips for career planning, writing résumés, interviewing, working through career challenges, and more
  • Career insights and placement services that help members secure their dream jobs 
  • A career path tool that helps members map out the steps needed to achieve their professional goals  

Career Planning Portal


2. Add banners to your member newsletters.

A great way to promote the member benefits of your career center is to place a banner ad in your monthly member communications. You can schedule these banners in advance and rotate various copy.

Some ideas: 

  • Promote the overall career center.
  • Encourage members to upload their résumés to the career center.
  • Highlight free résumé reviews.
  • Urge members to sign up for a Job Flash™ email that lets them be the first to see the best jobs.

The YM Careers team can create and send a Job Flash email for you, promoting featured jobs from your job board to your members and registered job seekers.

3. Include ads in member publications.

Print and digital monthly member publications are a great place to promote the benefits of your new career center. Create a call to action such as, “Check out our new career center for the best career resources and jobs,” or “Create an account to get the latest job postings.”

email marketing statistics

4. Send dedicated emails.

Segment your member list and send emails about the career center that would be of interest to each group. For example, target members who are early in their careers with an email about how to receive a free résumé review. Let them know how to create an account on your career center, upload a résumé, and submit the résumé for review. For passive job seekers, let them know how to sign up to receive job alert emails. 

5. Put social media to work.

Using social media channels is an effective way to get the word out about the resources your career center has to offer. Create a social media plan that includes images and messages that reflect the benefits of your career center. 

social media graphics

Using social media channels is an effective way to get the word out about the resources your career center has to offer. Create a social media plan that includes images and messages that reflect the benefits of your career center.

6. Host virtual and in-person meetings.

Host in-person and virtual career fairs at your association’s next event that’s branded as “sponsored” by your career center. And if you’re hosting an annual meeting, a virtual conference, or a hybrid event, be sure to dedicate a booth to your career center. This is an ideal approach for introducing your members and prospective members to everything your career center offers.

YM Careers can help you manage every aspect of a career fair – from marketing and sales to event execution.

Talk to an association event specialist today.

Take your association’s job board to the next level

With the right job board software provider, your association can create a true career destination for your industry that attracts members to your organization and helps members achieve their professional goals.

With the right job board provider, you can create a true destination for your industry that attracts new members and helps members achieve career success. 

YM Careers can help your association become THE career destination for your industry.

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