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How to Help Members Along Their Career Paths

A recent Forbes labor market analysis predicts that the post-pandemic frenzy, when many people switched jobs and there were two job openings for every person unemployed, is no more. In 2023, Forbes foresees less job hopping as the demand for talent and the supply of candidates evens out. This means that your association needs to offer members tangible benefits beyond a standard job board.  

Let’s dive into how your association can help members along their career paths. 

Empower members to map out their ultimate professional career goals using an interactive step-by-step plan. In doing this, you’ll increase member value and attract new members by making your association the number one resource in your industry for career growth. But how do you get started? 

Computer screen showing UM Careers, Career path tool

Career Paths by YM Careers provides clear direction for professionals to navigate their journey including each step along the way to their final career goal. This technology inspires members and early career professionals to map out a clear path to reach their professional goals. 

With Career Paths, your association members can: 

Find next steps in their career 

Members can plan their next career step with the data and have confidence that they will be able to reach their ultimate career goals. 

Self-assess their skills 

Provided with a description of each role and the critical skills needed to be successful in that role, members can evaluate and determine areas of focus. 

Create an action plan 

Members will design their own personalized career action plans including training and experience required to reach their career goals. 

On top of providing an invaluable career resource for your members, Career Paths benefits your association by: 

  • Increasing member retention. Enhance retention and new member acquisition with a strong value proposition. 
  • Engaging industry professionals. Keep professionals engaged in your industry and invested in their fields. 
  • Generating additional revenue. Enable members with ‘what if’ scenarios to see where their careers could lead them. 
  • Increasing traffic. Drive more traffic to your career center and create an opportunity to convert visitors to members. 
  • Providing valuable insight. Give members the only tool they’ll ever need to plan their career from start to finish. 
  • Increasing ROI for hiring employers. Boost ROI for employers who post on your job board and they will keep coming back. 

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Bring together career tracks, jobs, required skills, and education that advance your members’ careers. As the labor market shifts and your members focus more on career development, employ YM Careers’ technology to help them at all career stages. 

Career and Education Journey

Student/Intern and First-Time Job Seeker/Entry-Level Employed 

Career Paths will inform a new job seeker or entry-level employee of the expected prerequisites in a position whether educational or experience/skills. It will also empower this group to understand the skills and capabilities to identify the best fit for a career path, and allow for effective and informed planning to leverage expectations. 

Members Experiencing Job Changes  

Even with a shifting labor market, some members will still experience lateral movement, relocation, or industry changes (such as a transition from manufacturing to teaching in the Mechanical Engineering field). 

Starting Over (New Career Path)  

Career Paths allows for effective planning, assessing skills and capabilities to identify the best fit for a career path, a thorough understanding of what one will need to do to enter the field and what the work entails once your career has begun (i.e.-starting over, industry change), recognizing the steps to the next position and what it takes to achieve. 

Late-Stage Career  

If the late-stage professional wants to advance to the next position or recognizes that they are unsatisfied with their current position, Career Paths can help them find their next move. 

Remote Work 

See a clear pathway to the next position and what it entails, which can be hard to know when you are removed from the office environment.   


Mapping in Career Paths shows the next step in the employment hierarchy, allowing the unemployed professional to research what is involved in a particular job and where it may lead should they stay the course.   

Post-Maternity/Long-Term Absence (Gap in Employment)   

Career Paths reminds a professional who has stepped away of the trajectory to a certain position and the skills needed to do so.   

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Show members a better way to plan their future. With a built-in hub dedicated to career growth resources, YM Careers’ state-of-the-art Career Planning Portal (which includes Career Paths) is the premier tool for everything your members need on their professional journey. 

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