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How to Help Your Members Make More Informed Job Decisions

Imagine if you could provide your members with valuable data to help them make more informed decisions about applying for jobs based on location. Here’s how you can.

Your members turn to your association for information and support, including help with planning and growing their careers. Of course, there are many general career websites out there today. But as a trusted resource, your association has an opportunity to provide THE go-to online career center for your industry or profession. You can set your online career center apart from other career sites by offering industry-specific job opportunities and a wealth of unique career development resources – all in one convenient location.

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A powerful way to provide unique value is to offer data to help your members make career decisions. For example, imagine if you could provide your members with data to help them make more informed decisions about whether to apply for a job based on location.

YM Careers by Community Brands makes it possible to do just that with the Community Intel tool built into the job search page on your YM Careers-powered online job board.

What is Community Intel for association job boards?

Community Intel is a built-in tool on the job search page that provides candidates with a data set based on a specific job location. This information allows your members to make a well-informed decision about applying for a specific job without needing to leave your online job board to conduct research.

Community Intel displays location-based data, including:

  • Cost of living index
  • Median apartment rent
  • Safety index
  • Cost of basic utilities and high-speed internet
  • Transportation costs

How does Community Intel work?

Community Intel offers multiple features to help job seekers make informed career decisions and to help your association deliver greater member value:

  • Integration with job search page – Community Intel allows you to provide relevant and timely data to job seekers in one convenient location as they search for jobs, allowing you to keep job seekers on your online job board.
  • Auto-detection of job location – Your job search page can automatically determine each job-seeker’s location based on their IP address, making it easy for you to deliver a more personalized and intuitive job search experience.
  • Trusted data – Location-based data is collected and updated regularly using reputable sources, including corporate websites and government-reporting institutions, allowing your association to provide trustworthy data to your members.

Be the Most Important Career Planning Resource for Your Industry

Learn how to make your association the only place members can get the data they need to make better career decisions. 

How can Community Intel help with career planning?

Today’s workforce faces many circumstances that can lead job seekers to consider a move to another city. For example, a candidate might:

  • Be interested in relocating across the state or country
  • Work for one of the many companies that are requiring employees to return to the office
  • Work for a company that is moving across town, and is considering a move to be closer to the office

In cases like these, Community Intel empowers candidates with specific data from a city, equipping them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about a job move.

Learn more about offering the career resources your members want.

Offering a robust online career center is a powerful way for your association to provide the career planning resources your members seek.

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