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The Power of Data: How Career Benchmarking Drives Association & Member Career Growth

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Join Tristan Jordan, YM Careers General Manager, and Rebecca Duff, Nucleus Senior Director of Client Success as they discuss how to make your association the only place members can get the data they need to make better career decisions.  

With data tools like Career Benchmark Dashboards, exclusive to YM Careers, members can see:

  • What they should be paid, how bonuses are structured, and what benefits to expect
  • How different career paths are likely to impact their career satisfaction
  • What peers enjoy most and least about different jobs in their field
  • What career elements are most valued by their peers
  • And so much more!


Tristan Jordan

Tristan Jordan

General Manager, YM Careers

Tristan Jordan

Rebecca Duff

Senior Director of Client Success, Nucleus

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