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Top Questions About Association Job Boards… Answered!

Answers to 7 job board questions commonly asked by associations

Top Questions About Association Job Boards... Answered!
If your association focuses on a specific industry or profession, then there’s something you can be doing to provide big value to your members, companies in your industry and your association: Offer an online job board.

In this whitepaper, we answer the most common job board questions associations ask:

  • What is an online job board?
  • Why does our association need a job board?
  • What can a job board do for our association?
  • What tools does our association need for a successful job board?
  • How do we attract job seekers and employers to our association’s job board?
  • How does an association job board generate revenue?
  • How can we take our job board to the next level?

At the most basic level, job boards are a section of your association’s website where job seekers can search for highly relevant jobs and post their résumés and employers can post jobs and search résumés. But there is so much more that a job board can do to support your organization’s mission.

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