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Advance Your Members’ Careers with a Career Planning Portal

A career planning portal delivers the ultimate value by advancing members’ careers and helping your association attract and retain members.

Providing your members with the benefits they desire should be a top priority. It drives member recruitment, engagement, and retention. It can also deliver added revenue for your association. 

Offering a career planning portal with an online job board is an ideal way to provide the ultimate member value because it offers many of the top benefits members are seeking. In fact, the 2022 Association Trends Study from Community Brands shows that job opportunities and career development resources are consistently among the most important member benefits.  

Career Planning Portal

Career Planning Portal by YM Careers

What is an online career planning portal?

A career planning portal takes your online job board to the next level. Adding this resource turns your job board into a true career advancement hub, giving your members and prospective members one location to search for and find jobs as well as relevant career resources to advance their careers.     

Career Planning Portal "Day in the Life"

“Day in the Life” videos can help members experience what a specific job is like on a daily basis.

Why is offering a career planning portal so important?

Offering this resource provides value for your members and prospective members as well as your association. Professionals need high quality, relevant career planning resources, such as: 

  • Online coaches to provide feedback to help job seekers plan and advance their careers  
  • Tips on résumés, interviews, and more  
  • Relevant career articles to navigate a job search  
  • Insights on specific roles, and career paths with step-by-step guidance on career trajectory  

A career planning portal addresses these needs by:

  • Giving your members and prospective members the high quality career advancement content they’re seeking – all in one convenient location
  • Providing your members with a reason to continually engage with your association by offering career development resources for every stage of the career journey
  • Equipping your members with industry-specific advice, insights, and online coaches in one location to support career growth and advancement. 

How can you get started?

Career Planning Portal by YM Careers comes with every job board. This is a career advancement hub that provides professionals in your industry with a comprehensive set of career resources to advance their careers.

The portal includes the following modules:

  • Career Advice, which provides career planning articles for professionals to use as a resource to prepare for every step of their career path.
Career Advice

Career Advice

  • Career Coaching, which matches professionals with a dedicated career expert who will guide members in career planning, résumé building, negotiation, and interviewing.   
  • Career Insights, which helps professionals identify their dream jobs by exploring salaries, responsibilities, and job growth opportunities to guide their next career steps. 
Career Insights

Career Insights

Career Planning Portal also offers a Career Paths module, which provides clear direction for professionals to navigate their journey, including each step along the way to their career goals. 

Career Paths

Career Paths

Why choose YM Careers?

As if the capabilities and benefits of Career Planning Portal weren’t enough, here are three more reasons to implement one with an online job board from YM Careers:

  • You pay no up-front costs. YM Careers doesn’t start making money until you do.
  • You don’t have to do the heavy lifting. YM Careers offers the largest recruitment advertising sales and marketing engine in the industry to drive employers to your job board and career planning portal.
  • You can start seeing value right away. Once your job board and career planning portal are in place, you’ll be able to attract more members, deliver greater member value, and drive more revenue. With no up-front costs and with the YM Careers team doing the work, you can’t go wrong. 

Learn more about how to advance your members’ careers and help your association attract and retain members.

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