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How to Turn Your Online Community Into a Source of Career Growth

Integrating your association’s career center with your online member community is a simple way to drive big benefits for members, employers, and your organization.

AAFP career center

Your job board delivers a valuable member benefit, connecting members with employers. Meanwhile, your online community gives members a convenient, one-stop shop to network, collaborate, and share information with each other and your organization.

But did you know that integrating the two can be a quick, simple way to drive big benefits for members, employers, and your association?

Associations can create targeted messaging based on job seeker data and drive member engagement. Providing job recommendations to association members within their community can bring roles to the forefront and help attract additional qualified candidates.

Top four benefits:

1. Boost member engagement

Leverage your online community to deliver career opportunities in multiple locations. Members can view and discuss recommended, niche-specific content that is significant to them. Job postings become a consistent extension of that relevant content, helping to keep members engaged and create a more interactive online community for current and prospective members.

2. Increase member value

Offer targeted career recommendations within their online community. Association industry research by Community Brands consistently shows that providing job opportunities is one of the most sought-after member benefits an association can offer. It plays a crucial role in members’ ongoing career success. 

Learn how to leverage member career advancement at your association to offer the best member experience.

Download the latest association trends study by Community Brands.

3. Maximize your impact

Retain and attract members while creating new opportunities and improving the member experience. Displaying jobs in your private social network – your online community – promotes your career center to both active and passive job seekers. Although they may not have been looking, a member just might find their next great job while interacting with peers on your online community, increasing member engagement and, ultimately, retention.

4. Enhance employer value

Employers pay you to post jobs on your career center and put their job opportunities in front of members. Optimizing their investment will help you to keep them around year after year. The additional exposure of posting those jobs outside of your career center – and in front of highly engaged members interacting on your online community – gives those paying employers a greater return on their investment.

Seamlessly integrate jobs with member data from your online community with YM Careers.


  • Advance your members’ careers. Take your membership value to the next level by providing personalized job recommendations, allowing for passive job seeking.
  • Expand the reach of job opportunities. Offer valuable member benefits by presenting job roles throughout your community.
  • Get to know your members. Learn more about your members by understanding how they interact with your association and career center to create personalized content and marketing campaigns.
  • Accelerate your association’s growth. By connecting your community with YM Careers, power association growth through member retention and acquisition campaigns.

YM Careers API services and benefits:

Job Search

Highly relevant job recommendations that are tailored to member preferences. Easily integrate the results into every page of content presented to your members, ensuring they have easy access to relevant job opportunities at all times.

Job Seeker Event Reporting

Further optimize the career recommendations you offer using the search and apply history of your members. Fill any gaps in your AMS (association management system) data, enabling you to fully understand how your members are interacting with your career center. Access registration, login, search, and apply event history for all your users to build a comprehensive user profile that can be leveraged to enrich your marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

Enable non-member access to your career center from online communities with dual-login, then leverage those new accounts in your membership acquisition campaigns.


Integrating your online career center with your online member community takes just minutes. But as these technology platforms work together, you can create member experiences that will drive engagement and revenue for years to come. 

Turn your online community into a source of career growth today.

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