10 Features Job Board Software for Associations Must Have

Attract new members and retain current members by maximizing the features available on your job boardBecome a trusted, lifelong, professional asset for members when you provide access to sophisticated job recommendations and career resources presented in the best possible light. Allow employers to engage with interested members through various products offered on your job board with open career opportunities 

Here are 10 musthave features for every association job board: 

1. Engaging UI design  

Ensure your association branding is present with your association career center branding to allow for a seamless user experience. Be sure to highlight networking opportunities, available CEU courses, and upcoming events on prime areas of the job board homepage.  

2. Banner Ad Space 

Maximize non-dues revenue by leveraging available homepage real estate for employer banner advertisements. Earn non-dues revenue while employers increase their brand awareness with your membersBanner advertisement options are a way to increase the ROI by directing more traffic to their open jobs. 

 3. Employer Directory 

Encourage employers to place compelling facts about their organization in their Company Profile for job seekers to see.  They should include company benefits, history, mission statement, and company logo to strengthen brand awareness. 

 4. Pane view job search 

Job seekers search and view jobs without leaving the site. Filters are available to focus search results on finding relevant job openings. Saved resumes make viewing and applying to multiple jobs quick and easy. Grow ROI for employers and job search satisfaction for your members.  

 5. Mobile Responsive  

Most people use their cellphones as a primary means of internet connection. It is more important than ever to have a mobile responsive web experience. Provide a job board platform your members are capable of navigating with any electronic device. 

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 6. Increased job exposure  

Jobs optimized for search engines can reach existing and potential members through various channels by bringing them back to your job board and subsequently, your site. By sharing newly posted or Featured jobs on all channels you use to communicate with your members, employers will plainly see the value of their recruitment investment using your job board 

 7. Job Flash™ Email 

Utilize a dedicated Job Flash™ Email to share recently posted positions with your members and registered job seekers. Employers highly value this opportunity to share their job openings with your qualified members. Additionally, members get access to leading industry jobs from top employers  

8. Robust upgrade options 

A variety of upgrades available to target and grow job exposure. Compliant upgrades to meet diversity and veteran requirements. As well as options to maximize job reach to a broad professional talent pool on and off the job board. All upgrades are cultivated to ensure your association job board exceeds all recruitment expectations. 

 9. Personalized job matching 

As members search for their next career opportunity, algorithms work to suggest additional jobs for consideration based on their search history.  A continuous feed of interesting, relevant posts for members to view increases the time they spend on the site. 

 10. Advanced data and reporting metrics  

Empower your staff with access to job board sales, trends, data, and performance. See user behavior details that can be used to target messaging, grow revenue, and strengthen membership.  

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Be the trusted source to match members to their next opportunity, while generating non-dues revenue.

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