Choosing the Right Job Board Software for Your Members

Association job boards are utilized by companies, government organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and recruiters to advertise job openings. When talent acquisition professionals are searching for niche talent for their hard-to-fill roles, they are looking to post those openings in places that reach association members.

One of the most popular reasons to implement an association job board is for developing non-dues revenue. Headhunters are spending recruitment budgets to reach the talented professionals that make up your membership. Introducing a platform for companies to make connections with interested job seekers creates a new revenue channel for your association and a valued benefit for your members.

Which job board software provider is right for your association?

Choosing between job board providers can be difficult if you’re not sure what to look for. Capterra compares online job board software providers. They rank companies based on the features available, as well as customer reviews on the product and services provided.

YM Careers is one of the top listed providers because of the features and service available to its customers.

Here are some of the must-have features of a good job board provider:

  1. Job search: Job applicants should be able to search for openings by location, job function, experience, or keyword.
  2. Job emails: This function helps both the applicant and the employer. The applicant should be able to setup search criteria and receive newly posted jobs right to their inbox. An employer should be able to reach as many interested job seekers as possible through all available channels.
  3. Mobile friendly: Many people in the second decade of the 21st century don’t look for job openings in a newspaper or even on a website but on their smartphone or other mobile device. Job board software needs to allow applicants to apply for a job via a mobile device.
  4. Admin portal: Regardless of the kind of job board software you choose, the software should allow for administrators to easily access and review jobs and generate insight reports.
  5. Analytics: Job board software needs to be able to provide the correct data that a company or organization needs to analyze site usage, registrations, applications, job postings, and any other facts that can help their organization access their job board performance.

Once you find a provider with all the features needed to make a successful job board solution for your membership and revenue generating engine for your association, how do you market the new platform?

Get the Word Out

Create a marketing plan to reach members through at least four communication channels. You know your audience better than anyone else. Where do they spend the most time reading up on association and industry news?

  • Email – Reaching members whose primary way of consuming information is through their inbox is easiest with a post launch email. Share the most useful features available for finding the perfect job and the professional articles about how to be successful interviewing, and networking.
  • Social media – If your members follow your social media channels for trending updates, create an eye-catching ad that links users back to the job board. Include succinct messaging to let your followers know there are great job opportunities waiting for them on the new career center.
  • Website – Members using your website for information are adept at navigating your pages. Place a jobs widget in a prime location on your homepage to offer dynamic content for interested visitors.
  • Events – Every association has those members that only “tune-in” during conference time. Make sure your career center has a presence at your event. From digital or print recruitment guides to a booth with flyers – your job board provider is more than a vender. They’re a partner interested in helping your association and its members succeed.Interested in learning more about the options available through one of the leading job board software providers? Speak with an expert today.

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