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The Value of Career Advancement to Association Members

The number one reason members join an association, or member-based organization, is job opportunities. Members joining your organization within the first five years of employment are seeking training to drive career goals, starting to build a professional network, and they value personalization. Community Brands surveyed members and association staff to understand how priorities are trending since the start of the 2020 pandemic.

Just over a quarter of members surveyed think their organizations are doing a good job of supporting their career advancement goals, and the importance of career advancement has grown for members since the start of the pandemic. This provides an opportunity for organizations to evaluate what career benefits they currently offer.

Offer Valuable Career Content
  • Provide links and articles for industry research, as well as industry news and updates.
  • Have resources available for members to locate and reference such as eBooks, whitepapers, and blogs.
  • Present internship and job opportunities for student members and early careerists.
  • Have learning, and certification opportunities for members looking to growth their careers.
  • Provide experienced members in leadership roles mentoring, thought leadership, and hiring opportunities.

It’s important to make members aware of the career resources you offer such as helping them find their dream job, salary and employment insights, skills and training courses, and/or connecting them with job coaches, articles, and career paths. The challenge is breaking through the ads and emails competing for your member’s attention, but there are ways to do it.

Members currently see their association as the top resource for networking, training, and coursework, as well as access to their professional community. But associations are not top of mind for job opportunities.

Capturing Member Attention
  • Send personalized emails to educate members about available resources based on their career stage.
  • Host informational videos on your website and social channels to build brand recognition as a career destination with professionals in your industry.
  • Post a jobs widget on your organization’s homepage to share relevant jobs with people visiting your site and drive awareness for your career center.
  • Share social media posts about the career resources available on your job board, beyond active job postings, such as complimentary resume reviews, access to career coaches, and articles. Newly posted jobs can also be automatically posted onto your social feeds delivering relevant content for followers.

At the end of the day, your members look to you as an industry expert and resource for their professional lives. Be sure you are marketing all of the career advancement benefits available to members to ensure recruitment leads to renewals through their career journey.

Career Advancement is the key to successful member acquisition and retention.

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