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How to Combine Careers and Learning to Deliver Member Value

Looking for a way to deliver greater member value? Here’s how to offer job openings and learning courses in one online view to easily boost your association member benefits.


It might not surprise you to hear that association members are interested in ways to further their careers. Association industry trends research by Community Brands shows that job opportunities and credentials are among the top benefits that members seek. 

Just imagine if you you could easily provide your members with both: By offering your members job openings from your industry and continuing education courses in one online view, you could easily give your members the value they seek. It would also give you an opportunity to increase revenue for your association by attracting more members and learners.  

The good news: There’s no need to simply dream about this approach. Let’s take a closer look at how your association can make it a reality.

How to easily combine an online career center with your learning program

Crowd Wisdom, Community Brands’ award-winning learning management system (LMS), and YM Careers by Community Brands, the online job board software and career center solution for associations, integrate easily to help you combine an online career center with your learning program.  

YM Careers offers job board software for associations. It helps you build a robust online job board with career development resources so that members can easily search and apply for relevant opportunities and find help with growing their careers. 

Crowd Wisdom helps you build highly personalized, social, and engaging online experiences for your learning program. 

Don’t have an online job board for your association?

Read the guide, Top Questions About Association Job Boards… Answered!, to learn what you need to know about creating a job board for your organization.

Like peanut butter and chocolate or Batman and Robin, YM Careers and Crowd Wisdom make a powerful combination. Together, they allow you to showcase career advancement opportunities alongside personalized learning paths that help members get the education and certifications they need to be qualified candidates. 

What you can do with YM Careers and Crowd Wisdom LMS

The integration of these solutions allows you to showcase both learning and career opportunities in one online view, which in turn allows you to: 

  • Increase member acquisition 
  • Capture new learners 
  • Increase course enrollment and certification revenue 

career center LMS

Here are some examples of specific things your association can do with this software combo: 

  • Present members and non-members who are visiting your online job board with recommendations for courses and continuing education opportunities your association offers that can help job seekers qualify for jobs they’re viewing.
  • Present members and non-members who are browsing your course offerings with actual job opportunities they would be qualified for if they took suggested courses or learning paths through your organization.
  • As learners exit your courses and/or receive certifications, present them with job opportunities they now qualify for as a result of their new skills or credentials. 

Learn more

YM Careers and Crowd Wisdom work great as standalone solutions. But why have one when you can have both? Used together, they can help you deliver even greater member value and drive more revenue for your association.

Learn more about the power duo of YM Careers and Crowd Wisdom.

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