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Your online career center delivers a valuable member benefit. But did you know your association can take your career center even further to improve member recruitment and retention and drive more revenue? 

Here’s how: Your career center provides you with valuable information that can help you make more informed decisions and deliver the results your small or growing association needs to grow. But you must have a way to collect, store, and use this data across your organization to make the most of it. 

The secret weapon your small or growing association might be missing: A pairing of your career center with a modern association management system (AMS). 

Integrating your career center with a modern AMS can help you: 

1. Attract prospective members 

When non-members create an account in your career center, they are added to your AMS and a profile is created for them. YM Careers can collect engagement data based on various touch points through your career center, and then pass the information back to your AMS. You can use this information to drive membership by triggering automated marketing campaigns that share the benefits of becoming a member, such as career fairs and résumé critiques. 


2. Engage and retain members 

The data gathered from your job board and your AMS gives you detailed information that is helpful when creating targeted marketing campaigns that keep members engaged with your career center. For instance, not all members using your career center are actively searching for a job, but they might be looking to advance in their career when given the opportunity. For those members, you can promote courses and certifications or résumé critiquing services that will prompt them to begin searching for career advancement opportunities. 

engage more learners3. Drive more revenue 


Your job board learns a lot about your members and job seekers. It collects information such as who is actively job searching and what types of jobs they’re seeking. This data can be passed to your AMS for you to analyze for potential revenue opportunities. For example, if most of your users are actively searching for jobs, you can set up a virtual career fair to help connect them with employers while earning revenue from registrations (both attendee and employer). 

Find out how YourMembership AMS will help your small association staff give members a career destination through a seamless integration with the world’s leading job board provider, YM Careers – without lifting a finger.

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Here are 8 ways to improve recruitment, retention, and revenue by integrating your career center software and AMS: 

  1. Generate a report in your AMS of non-members who visit your job board and sign up as job seekers via job alerts or account registration, and then use this list of new member prospects in your new member marketing and acquisition efforts. 
  2. Promote career center features (such as job postings and career resources) regularly in your online member community to drive current members to a valuable resource they might not know about. 
  3. Each month, pull a list from your AMS of active job seekers and send them an email with tips and best practices for career advancement. This will help to provide members with ongoing value that encourages retention. 
  4. Create discussion groups in your online member community inspired by topics from your career center, such as job interview tips or résumé critiques, to keep members engaged. 
  5. Post a short video of your career center experience – such as signing in, clicking on a job opportunity, and clicking through to apply – in your online member community to help promote your career center to members who might not know about it. 
  6. Pull a list of employers from your AMS who have posted job opportunities in your career center in the past and send them a coupon for a future job posting to get them re-engaged and drive more revenue. 
  7. Give members the opportunity to opt in to receive intelligent job recommendations based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and locations, so they can passively search for new career opportunities. 
  8. Generate a monthly report in your AMS that shows member activity on your job board and use that data to drive more informed member marketing efforts. 

Integrating your online career center with a modern AMS system will help your association make more informed decisions for membership recruiting, marketing, and revenue opportunities that enable your association to grow.  

Meet the Dream Team: YourMembership + YM Careers Infographic

YourMembership AMS by Community Brands is affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one membership software for small to mid-sized organizations. It includes membership management functionality combined with an online community platform to help you manage member activities while providing members with an easy, everyday way to connect, share, and learn. Integrating your YM Careers-powered career center with YourMembership is quick and easy. 

Find out more about why YourMembership AMS is the ideal solution for small and growing associations with YM Careers job board and career center software.

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