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Customer Success Story Virtual Career Fairs

Learn How AWIS Helped Members Advance Their Careers with a Successful Virtual Career Fair

Help Members Build Careers with Virtual Career Fairs

Join YM Careers to hear guest partner Shelley O’Brien, Chief Marketing Officer at AWIS discuss how they leveraged the Community Brands Virtual Career Fairs platform to help their members make connections and find jobs, while driving those sought-after non-dues revenue in the process!

YM Careers Events Marketing Manager Simone Ryland hosts this webinar, leading the discussion and offering expert advice on running successful virtual career fairs.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Tips from AWIS on supporting members’ career development through virtual career fairs
  • Latest research on the benefits members want from their association
  • Leveraging virtual career fair technology to drive non-dues revenue

Your members are turning to your association, now more than ever, as the source to not only find jobs, but to develop their entire careers – start to finish.

With benefits like career resource packed job boards, industry and job insights, and networking opportunities, you can make your career center the only resource they need. And hosting a Virtual Career Fair is a great addition to your list of member benefits!

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Presented by
Simone Ryland
Event Marketing Manager
YM Careers
Shelley O’Brien
Chief Marketing Officer
Association for Women in Science

*This webinar qualifies for one CAE credit if attended in full during the live event.

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