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How to Reduce Association Workload

Are you feeling a bit overworked these days? If so, you aren’t alone. 

In the Community Brands 2021 Association Trends Study, 78 percent of people who work at professional membership organizations (Pros) responded to the study’s survey saying they were working harder than ever. Across the board, Pros listed time as the top challenge to achieving their organization’s priorities. 

association pros

Consequently, Pros responding to the 2022 Association Trends Study indicated that upgrading and/or integrating new technology to enable greater staff productivity is a high priority – especially for larger associations.

2022 association priorities

Reducing the workload for your association

Investing in new job board software and career center solutions is a highly effective way to help reduce your association’s workload while doing more for your members and your industry. For example, here are four technologies and services YM Careers offers to help you work more efficiently and effectively: 

Job board software

YM Careers provides easy-to-use job board software that helps your association’s staff accomplish more without a lot of added work, including:

  • Generating non-dues revenue by charging employers a fee to get their job openings in front of your members.
  • Acquiring new members by giving non-members limited access to your job board. You can then capture non-member information and use it in marketing efforts to drive new members.
  • Acquiring new learners by presenting your association’s professional learning programs and courses on your job board, and by promoting relevant courses related to a user’s job search.
  • Engaging and retaining members by providing a high-value member benefit and serving as the go-to recruitment and job-finding resource in your industry.

PRSA Job Center

Marketing and sales services

YM Careers offers recruitment sales and marketing services to help ensure your job board has maximum exposure and generates demand for your career center. When you don’t have the time or expertise on your staff, the YM Careers team helps your association reach both job seekers and employers through email, advertising, and digital campaigns to drive traffic and increase job postings on your site. This helps you increase revenue as your career center becomes the hub of talent and opportunity for your industry.

Career event management

You can connect employers and job seekers at your annual meetings, events, or virtual career fairs without increasing your association workload. YM Careers can fully manage your career-focused events so you can easily provide members with valuable career development opportunities, connect employers in your industry with qualified candidates, and increase your non-dues revenue through event sponsorships.  

career events benefits

Technology automation

  • Send members automated emails that feature relevant job postings from your job board. The YM Careers team can help you create and send a dedicated Job Flash email to share recently posted positions with your members and registered job seekers. These allow you to offer an additional paid option to maximize exposure of employers’ job postings on your job board while driving more revenue for your association. Employers value this opportunity to share their job openings with your qualified members. Meanwhile, members get access to leading industry jobs from top employers. Everybody wins, with very little work on your part.
  • Use personalization to get the right job in front of the right member at the right time. For example, use data from members’ profiles in your association management software (AMS) system, interactions with learning programs in your learning management system (LMS), and job searches in your online career center to automatically present your members with job recommendations on your job board and in personalized job alert emails. Using the same data, you can also recommend courses that members could take to make them more qualified for a specific job they are viewing on your job board.
  • Automate data workflow to aid member marketing efforts. For example, by integrating your AMS with your online career center, information about non-members who visit your job board and sign up as job seekers via job alerts or account registration can be automatically delivered to your AMS as a list of new member prospects for you to use in new member acquisition campaigns.

YourMembership AMS + YM Careers

Using YM Careers as your job board software and career center solution provider, you can generate revenue and provide valuable member benefits while keeping your staff’s workload to a minimum.  

The YM Careers team is ready to help you develop and implement a strategy that includes these approaches.

Find out more: Request a personalized demo.

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