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How to Use Your Career Center to Increase Member Retention

What is it that makes your association’s members stick around year after year? Value.

The Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study shows that members’ needs change throughout their careers. Organizations must regularly prove their worth throughout the member career journey to keep members around long term.

Your association’s online career center can play a big role in member retention. It’s a great place to provide ongoing member value. It provides a single, convenient place for members to turn throughout their careers for help and support when they need it.

Here are examples of specific ways your online career center can provide member value through each stage of the member career journey:

Student or new graduate

Searches and applies for an internship.
Students and new grads often kick off their careers with internships in their professional field. Help them out by offering an internship board to connect them with employers that have internship opportunities.

For example, use YM Careers InternBoard to integrate an internship board with your online job board, or create a stand-alone internship board. With a YM Careers InternBoard, internship seekers can create their own accounts and profiles, add resumes and cover letters, search internship postings, and apply directly within the board or externally by following employers’ instructions.

Gets matched with a mentor
Students and new grads also often seek a mentor to help them grow professionally as they enter the workforce. Support them by offering a mentor board to connect them with experienced professionals who seek to help those who are early in their careers.

For example, using YM Careers MentorBoard, you can let students and graduates set up their own accounts and profiles with information needed to qualify them as a “mentee” and then search user profiles and initiate contact with potential mentors.

Early-to-mid careerist

Maps out career path options
As students and new graduates move into their first jobs, a career path can be a big help. Using Career Journey by Community Brands, you can give your members the ability to map out their career path based on the job they want. Career Journey gives them a well-defined path to get there, including the skills, learning, and job titles they need to reach their goals.

Searches and applies for industry jobs.
When it’s time to find their next great job, be there to help your members find it. For example, set up a YM Careers job board, which allows your members to easily search and apply for job opportunities. They can sign up to receive job recommendations as well as alerts when new relevant job opportunities are posted. They can also access professional resources, including career advice articles and résumé critiques to help them land the job.

Attends a virtual career fair
Career fairs are another good way to connect your members with their next great job opportunity. Today, virtual career fairs are a particularly convenient way to engage with and provide value to members while serving your industry and generating revenue. Because they do not require attendees to travel, they also allow you to include more job seekers than a regional onsite career fair can reach.

YM Careers offers technology and services that help you deliver a great virtual event experience – from marketing and sales to execution.

Late careerist

Recruits and hires staff.
As members move deeper into their careers, they might find the need to hire staff. Give them the opportunity to post their job opportunities on your job board. Go a step further by offering them opportunities to get their job postings in front of more candidates with banner advertising, social media outreach, and campaigns.

YM Careers offers sales and marketing services to help you get employers on board as job posters and help them increase visibility of their job postings.

Becomes a mentor to young professional.
Just as your mentor board connects members early in their careers with seasoned professionals, it can connect members later in their careers with members they can help grow professionally.

Take the next step

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