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To your members who are early in their career stage, and even to those who are mid-career, job opportunities and professional growth are invaluable benefits.

You already have tools available to help you deliver these benefits: Your online career center connects members with their next job opportunity and gives them the resources to help them land the job. Your learning management system (LMS) helps you build an online learning experience that allows members to gain knowledge and credentials to grow their careers.

But what if you could also give your members a clear roadmap to reach their professional goals? The good news is: You can.

Career Journey by Community Brands is an online tool that helps you give your members the ability to map out their career path based on the job they want. It gives them a well-defined path to get there, including the skills, learning, and job titles they need to reach their goals.

Here’s how the technology works

Members choose their desired job title. They are presented with a career path based on their goal, as well as salary information, a job description, and relevant skills required for their desired job. By integrating Career Journey with a job board powered by YM Careers by Community Brands, you can also allow member to also see actual, open job opportunities along their desired career path. By integrating it with Crowd Wisdom LMS by Community Brands, you can also allow learners to self-assess their skills and receive recommended learning content to become more qualified for the jobs they seek.

Benefits to members

Providing your members with a clear way to map out and achieve their career paths delivers multiple benefits to your members:

  • Confidence – They can plan the next step in their careers with the confidence that it will help them reach their ultimate career goal.
  • Self-assessment – Using the descriptions of each role in their career paths as well as the list of key skills needed to be successful in each role, member can evaluate their skills along the way, determining what professional education and experience they need to move forward.
  • Tailored action plan – Members can design their own, personalized career action plans, including learning, training, and experience required to reach their career goals.

Benefits to your association

Aside from delivering a great member experience, Career Journey offers direct benefits to your association as well:

  • Increased member acquisition, engagement, and retention – Giving members the ability to clearly map out their career path and gain the tools and knowledge to reach their goals, you can offer a powerful new value proposition.
  • Additional revenue – You can drive added revenue by directing more members to your continuing education and certification offerings. You can also send more people to your job board, increasing ROI for employers, which can help you attract and retain more paid job listings.
  • Deeper insights – You can gain insights into the types of jobs your members are seeking, which can help you deliver more relevant learning opportunities and career resources.

Take the next step
Learn more about how your association can give your members a clear vision for career growth and advancement.  Explore Career Journey.

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