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Your members turn to your association for many reasons. From professional development, training, and certification to industry information, advocacy, and networking – the list goes on.  

Understanding your members’ varied needs is vital to your organization’s success. 

That’s why Community Brands has conducted studies that shed light on important topicsincluding what benefits matter most to members, what makes members loyal to their organizations, and how member needs and preferences vary based on generation and loyalty segments. The findings have consistently shown that member priorities, behaviors, and preferences are different based on generation and loyalty level.

This study takes a step further. It looks at how member engagement and loyalty have changed over timeIt also digs deeper into what’s behind member sentiments and behaviors based on career stage and other factors.  

In this report, you’ll find answers to key questions, including: 

  • What benefits do members value most and which ones have the biggest impact on renewal? 
  • How do members engage with their organization, and how does engagement correlate with loyalty? 
  • How do member priorities and loyalty change throughout the member career journey? 
  • What can organizations do to align their strategy with member values, behaviors, and preferences? 

Download the Member Engagement and Loyalty Study for a detailed look at the findings from this study plus recommendations on how to use the study’s data to deliver a better member experience. 

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