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2021 Association Trends Study

Building the
Next Normal

Get the secrets to creating loyal members,
now and into the future.

The one study you’ll want to read in 2021!

The one study you’ll want to read in 2021!

2021 Association Trends Study

Building the
Next Normal

Get the secrets to creating loyal members, now and into the future.

How associations can help build the next normal

Association Trends Study

After more than a year of disturbances, distractions, and adjustments, many associations now face a new challenge: How to build the next normal when members’ needs, behaviors, and perspectives have changed. We’ve got your back with brand new insights on…


What shifts have emerged in value according to members


Which behaviors formed during the pandemic will stick


And, key data benchmarks and technology trends that all association leaders should know

This study will help guide your strategies and give you actionable take-aways to drive more engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1

Lapsed members

Every year, your association loses members. But why do they leave? What makes them different from members who stick around?


Job opportunities are ranked 16 spots higher for lapsed members


Help with career advancement is ranked 11 spots higher for lapsed members


Give members more of the value and resources they seek from their association such as learning opportunities, networking, career advancement resources, mentorship programs, and career fairs.

Insight 2

Perception gap on career opportunities

Do your association pros value career advancement benefits as much as your members do? Recent industry research suggests you might not.


Only 19% of association Pros believe that job searches are important to members


47% of early careerists rank help with career advancement as a valued benefit


Your association’s career center should offer a wealth of career advancement opportunities for members, which is especially helpful when the economy is in flux. Design your career center to become a true professional destination your members will rely on.

On-demand Webinar

The Big Reveal: 2021 Association Trends Report

The results are in! Join Community Brands for on-demand webinar of the big reveal of the Association Trends 2021: Building the Next Normal, the only industry research report with sentiments from both members and association professionals. During this on-demand webinar, we revealed insights into what shifts have emerged in member value and shined a light on focus areas for association professionals moving forward.

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