How to Look Like a Super Hero to Your Board of Directors

Everyone wants to impress their board of directors. What better way than introducing a new partnership with very little upfront cost, and huge rewards!

Give them a job board

The most valuable commodity for a professional organization is its members. The membership dues along with fundraising initiatives keep the lights on, pays for the events, and other benefits your association offers.

Knowing what’s important to your directors, how do you communicate the rewards available when you introduce a job board to your members? Simple – start big. Let your board of directors know that partnering with a job board provider will add a desired member benefit with minimal investment from your association’s time or budget.

Members will reap the benefits of a professional resource to meet their desire for employment opportunities and career advice. The job opportunities listed on the platform will be cultivated and updated through the efforts of the job board provider.

Your job board provider’s staff will become an extension of your team. They will provide support for members and clients interested in using the product for job search and posting needs. Your association staff will have access to reporting and regular updates about new features as they become available for your users.

The success of your job board is of the utmost importance in your new job board partnership. To ensure that success, you will have access to marketing resources to best communicate the valuable benefits available on the job board to your members.

The YM Careers customer marketing and client success team members are always ready to brainstorm, problem-solve, and get creative with us when it comes to creating a member experience that resonates with our community.” – Daniela Bernal, Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & American Science (SACNAS)

The typical job board is setup as a duration based online platform. That means employers and recruiters looking to reach your member audience will pay to have their jobs hosted on that platform for a duration of time – generally 30, 60, or 90 days.

During that time employers are counting on your members to view and apply to their open job opportunities. Which is exactly what your members want to do! The results of a flourishing job board will be realized in the non-dues revenue checks your association receives every month.

But the opportunity for additional revenue streams doesn’t stop at the job board. Develop your job board partnership to discover other products that can be leveraged for revenue opportunities. YM Careers provides access to an arsenal of products that meet every association need – events, online and event fundraising, association management (AMS), and learning management (LMS) systems.

Partner with YM Careers today and see where the journey takes you. You won’t be sorry.

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