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Go Beyond the Job Board: Create a Career Destination for Your Members

On-Demand Webinar

Create a Career Destination with Career Planning Portal

Associations are always looking for ways to improve member engagement, but how do you create a one-stop-shop destination your members will rely on throughout every phase of their career? Give them the benefits they want like access to professional career coaches, and insight into careers in their industry such as salary, growth potential and the skills needed to reach that next professional development goal.

With Career Planning Portal, included in every YM Careers job board, your association can create a career development resource that not only supports your members’ career growth but also helps drive revenue in the form of new member dues and increased job postings as your membership and site traffic grows.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Key benefits your members are looking for now
  • How to build a career center that your members want to use – now and far into the future
  • Pro tips on generating new dues and non-dues revenue year after year with smart sales and marketing strategies



Tristan Jordan
General Manager
YM Careers

Dawn DiLorenzo
Director of Marketing
YM Careers

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