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How to Convince your Board it’s Time for a New Career Center

You know it’s time for a new online career center. A well-executed career center built on modern technology provides ongoing member value and can be a powerful tool for generating non-dues revenue for your organization.

According to the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study, job opportunities are tied for the number one reason people join a professional membership organization. Seventy-three percent of members say help with career advancement is an important member benefit.

At the same time, providing employers with access to talent is a simple way to drive additional revenue for your association. When employers need to fill jobs that require specific skills and industry knowledge, they need to promote their jobs to members of professional and trade associations. Your online career center can help.

But there’s one thing you still need to do before moving forward with a new career center: Convince your board.

To gain board approval for a new online career center solution, it’s important to build a business case for the new technology. Your board needs to understand your goals as well as the potential benefits a new solution can have for your organization.

Here are four things your business case for new career center technology should cover:

1. The goals for your online career center

Paint the picture of what it will mean to take your online career center to the next level. A robust career center offers a huge member benefit by connecting members with their next new hire or career opportunity. Your organization can use this appealing member benefit to attract new members and improve member retention. A well-executed career center also drives non-dues revenue through paid job ads, sponsorships, and other fee-based products.

Help your board understand these benefits of a great online career center by presenting them with specific goals. This might include things like X percent increased revenue, X percent new member growth, and X percent improved member retention.

2. Key functionality you need to reach your goals

Help your board understand the functionality you need for career center success. Discuss requirements in terms of how it will help you reach your goals. If you already have a job board in place, be sure to point out any inefficiencies in your current software solution.

Here are some key capabilities to include:

  • Email job matching
  • Personalized search and recommendations
  • Candidate screening and management
  • Job distribution
  • Mobile support
  • Advanced data, reporting, and analytics

3. Techniques you can employ with modern career center technology

Help your board understand some of the specific ways you plan to provide member value and drive revenue once your career center is in place. For example:

  • Automatically send jobs to relevant job seekers via email when the jobs are posted.
  • Increase engagement by recommending opportunities to job seekers based on their prior searches.
  • Offer employers the opportunity to pay to post their jobs on your job board and pay an additional fee to promote their jobs on job alert emails, your home page, Twitter feed, and Facebook page.
  • Place a jobs feed or widget on the home page of your site to pull in more job seeker traffic and give employers access to passive job seekers.

4. The right career center technology for your association

After painting a compelling picture for your board, it’s important to find and propose the career center technology that will help you reach your goals. With the right technology, you can realize the full potential of your online career center.

YM Careers by Community Brands can help. It offers leading solutions in association job boards, career resources, and career events. It helps you drive revenue, boost member engagement, and gain insights on prospective members.

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Get more tips about how to gain board approval for new career center technology. Download: Gaining Board Approval for a New Online Career Center Solution: A checklist for association professionals

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