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How to Utilize Email Marketing for Your Career Center Growth

If you have recently launched your association’s career center or if you already have a career center, then this blog is for you! Do your members know the benefits available to them with your online career center? If you are unsure about this question, then it might be time to emphasize your email marketing to provide results for your association. Remember, your career center is a membership benefit so give it the same attention you give other programs and events. It’s all about exposure and messaging!  

As most marketers know, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for organizations on a mass scale. Why, you may ask?

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Email marketing is a great way to provide your members with meaningful and impactful information about your career center. It can drive them to the resources they need to find their next great job or the next great new hire. 

It’s important to remember that, like all of us, your members receive a lot of information and emails daily. Create your marketing plan and emails with a driven purpose that will provide the valuable content your member’s desire.  

Let’s explore 3 effective ways to use email marketing to get members more engaged with your online career center: 

1. Get the word out

Once you have launched your career center, let your members know about this new benefit and career growth opportunity. It’s a great idea to have the first email about this come from the executive director or the president of your association.  

In addition, when it’s time for your membership dues renewal season, make sure you are outlining the career center as a membership benefit. Career resources and resume coaching are assets that can help provide your members with the tools they need for their career journey. To connect with your members, highlight career success moves with testimonials from current members and what resources they utilized to help them reach that next step. Write up an article or capture their full story on video, which you can include in email marketing and your association’s newsletter. 

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2. Send monthly marketing emails 

Connect with the job seekers on your career center by providing them monthly updates. This may help your job seekers understand the state of your industry as well as new opportunities that are available on your career center. Encourage your members to sign up for job alerts so they can be one of the first to discover and apply for new opportunities.

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Help the job seekers succeed with career advancement opportunities as this will help keep up the traffic and show your career center is credible. Think of your career center as a brand extension and make sure your email campaigns keep with the brand and tone of your association.  

3. Promote offers for employers and special events for your job seekers  

Have you thought about ways to help market your career center to employers so they will post their jobs and career opportunities? Find ways to market to these employers by educating them on how a niche job board can help provide them with top quality talent.   

For the job seekers, make sure they are aware of upcoming job fairs through your career center such as virtual or in-person events. This is a great opportunity for a face-to-face connection with the employers posting on your career center.  

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