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6 Best Practices for Marketing Your Association’s Career Fairs


Hosting career fairs, both in-person and virtual, is a great way for your association to provide member value while serving your industry and generating revenue. But building a great career fair isn’t enough. You must also promote it.

As with your overall association marketing and event marketing activities, you must let members know about this great resource. Otherwise, they might miss out on a key member benefit to help them find their next great job opportunity. Using a multi-channel marketing approach will help to ensure your association reaches the most members and prospective members.

Here are six best practices to help ensure your members are in-the-know about your association’s next great career fair:

1. Convey the benefits of your career fair.

Make sure members know about the benefits of your career fair, including:

  • Connections – They can make new connections in the industry and broaden their professional network.
  • Insights – Members can gain valuable insights into the current job market and learn more about what hiring employers are seeking.
  • Opportunities – They can discover new and exciting career opportunities from employers who are actively hiring.
  • Feedback – They can receive interview experience and direct feedback about their résumé/CV and experience from recruiters.

Discover how the Society of Women Engineers worked with the YM Careers team to deliver a virtual career fair that turned out to be their most successful virtual event.

2. Use your website.

Place banner ads on your website and online career center that promote the event and link to the registration page. Also, dedicate a section of your next conference or meeting page to the career fair – include pictures or attendee quotes from previous career event, update with company logos as employers sign up, and make sure to link to the registration page. As they register for the event, encourage members to update their résumé on your career center.

3. Put email campaigns to work.

Send dedicated emails to your members that promote the career fair. As employers sign up for the event, include their name and logo in your email campaigns. Emphasize the growing opportunity to find the right position with these companies.
Also, add a blurb to one of your monthly member emails or e-newsletters promoting the career fair and registration. And remember to promote the career event as far in advance as you can. Increase the number of promotions as you get closer to the event day.

4. Share in your online member community.

Announce your career fair event date and location in your association’s online community. Add important details, such as employers who will be attending, as your event planning progresses.

5. Make use of online and print publications.

Include an ad promoting the career fair in your publications leading up to the event. Also, consider sending postcards; they’re a great way to promote a career fair and your online career center to your members. Send them via postal mail or place them in welcome bags at your next in-person conferences or meetings.

Recruitment guides, which can be digital or printed, can also help to promote your career fair while connecting members with top industry employers and driving revenue for your association. These guides can include:

  • Relevant career development articles and resources for members
  • Advertisements from employers looking to hire your members
  • Advertising opportunities for your association initiatives

recruitment guides

6. Run contests.

Create a contest in which job seekers get a prize for uploading a résumé on your online career center during a set time before your career fair, or for registering and attending a virtual career fair. Promote this content on your social media channels and in your email campaigns to members.

Learn more.

These are just some event marketing tips to make sure your members are taking advantage of one of your most attractive member benefits – your career fairs. YM Careers by Community Brands offers job board software and career advancement solutions for the association industry.

Learn more about how the YM Careers team can help you pull off great career fairs, build a thriving online career center, and more.

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