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5 Ways to Get Ready for Membership Dues Renewal Season

Renewal season is approaching: Do your members know all their benefits?

Association membership is the heart and soul of your organization.  Members are the ones that help keep the heartbeat going for the association’s strategic initiatives and goals.  In today’s changing landscape, the member value and focus continue to change as well.   

Association members need their organizations to stay alert of the changing climate and adapt to their needs.  Your members will remember this especially as it comes time to renew membership dues.  

Membership renewal types can vary by association. Some associations might be on anniversary renewal while others fall on an annual calendar date.  Before a member is ready to commit to another year, they will want to understand their return on the investment.   

What is the value they receive? Do members understand all the benefits offered to them by your association? Help your members tell their story with the resources and benefits your association provides.  

Most importantly, help them easily understand the great benefits your association provides to them so when it comes time to renew their dues, they will have no hesitation in continuing the journey with your association.  

This is especially important since according to the 2021 Association Trends Study by Community Brands, 56% of members feel like their organization is more important than it was a year ago. This should tell you that now is the best time to help your members understand the invaluable member benefits your association provides so they can continue to contribute to the growth of your organization.  

association importance

Think about the impact that membership dues have on your association’s revenue stream; most organizations excel with membership dues as their highest revenue driver. When association pros were asked this question in the 2021 Association Trends Study, they said membership dues revenue as well as meetings and events continue to have the most impact on associations’ financial reporting.  

 revenue sources

Let’s explore 5 ways to deliver your membership value so your members will always renew!  

1. Before your members receive billing reminders or invoices, have you highlighted the key features of their memberships? If you are sending a renewal reminder, this is an excellent opportunity to list out your top 5 benefits in an easy-to-read list or infographic 

The benefits will stay at the forefront of your members’ minds as they examine the renewal process.  This may seem like a no-brainer for your organization, but it’s important to list the benefits with every dues renewal as your member benefits might have changed since the last renewal.   

Your association may have added a new program, publication or networking opportunity that is now an important benefit and needs to be highlighted for the upcoming year.  

2. Are you utilizing your association newsletter to its fullest potential? Your newsletter is very much a member benefit as it gives your members a firsthand look at education, events, and resources that you are offering.  Newsletters are also a place to put achievements in your organization such as job movement, success stories, and breaking industry news to share with your membership.  

Your newsletter is also the perfect spot to highlight your association’s career center. You can include a link to the career center in the newsletter to make it easy for your members to click and view the latest job postings and career news for the industry.   


3. Peer to peer connection is one of the best parts about joining an association.  The ability to bounce ideas off others in the same industry is such a great member benefit. If your association has a membership committee or other onboarding committee, make sure they have a process in place to reach out to the new members to help them understand how to get started.   

You want to make sure new members have access to the benefits and understand all that is available to them.  Have your committee set up membership orientations, calls, or webinars. Spreading the message about benefits through fellow members makes it easy to digest and a great way for new members to make their first connections within your association.  

This will help your new members when it’s time for them to renew their dues, thus helping your organization’s membership retention rate 

why members fail to renew

4. If your association has a podcast, make sure to highlight your valuable member benefits at the start or end of your segment. This will help remind the members but also drive back the value they are receiving from your organization since they just enjoyed a content packed podcast that your organization produced for their members. Podcasts are also great ways to remind members to renew their dues!  


5. Finally, your membership education and networking events are great opportunities for you to showcase your member benefits.  Your membership director or executive director can be stationed at your events to be a resource for membership and benefit questions.   

Another fun way to relay your benefits is printing them on the back of your event name badges.  This helps remind your members but might also be a great way for member prospects that attend to see what your association can provide for them.  


These are all great ways to communicate your association’s membership value to your members.  Keep the heart of your association going with open dialogue with your membership. These simple steps will increase awareness of your benefits, association brand, and membership value.  


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