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Looking for new ways to recruit and retain members? Market your career center!

Attracting new members and keeping them around for the long-term is an ongoing effort. To support your association marketing strategies, you have a powerful tool that you probably could be using more for member recruitment and retention: your association’s career center.

Your career center is an attractive member benefit. In fact, association industry research shows that job opportunities and career advancement continue to be among the benefits members value most. Some simple career center marketing approaches can go a long way toward helping your association get more out of this valuable benefit.

Here are two ways to market your association’s career center to attract and retain more members:

1. Build your messaging.

Your career center can offer a wealth of resources and help to advance your members’ careers. Develop messaging around your career center benefits so that you can promote them in multiple ways, and through multiple channels, throughout the year. Here are some examples of career content and resources to promote – and if your career center doesn’t already offer them, it’s time to add them!

  • Job postings – Offer a robust job board in your online career center. Let your members know it’s THE online career destination in your industry for them to connect with employers and find their next great job opportunity.

Learn about the power of an online job board for your association.

  • Career planning tools – Give your members career planning tools to help them research, plan, and develop their careers. For example, include a career mapping tool to help them map out their career paths based on the jobs they want. Let prospects and members know that they can use this tool to view a well-defined path to reach their professional goals, including the skills, learning, and job experience they need. Also, provide career insights for job seekers and let them know they can learn more about their current career stage and future roles by viewing content for qualifications, education, certification requirements, expected salary, and more.
  • Career support – Let prospects and members know that as members, they can receive help in landing their next job, including:
    • Job seeker articles, tips, and recommendations – Promote the availability of articles and other content, including résumé writing tips, interview techniques, job search ideas, and tips for social networking.
    • Career coaches – Connect members with certified career coaches to help with things like job search strategies, interview tips, and résumé writing.
    • Résumé review – Offer free résumé critique through your career center. Let prospects and members know that this is a key benefit that will help them improve their chances of getting their next job.

2. Get the word out.

Once you have messaging in place about all that your career center offers to your association’s members, it’s time to get the word out. In addition to advertising the career center on your association’s website, social media accounts, and member emails, here are some effective approaches:

  • Promote your career center in member recruitment campaigns. You probably promote your annual meeting, learning opportunities, and credentials as member benefits. But do you market your career center as a key benefit in your new member recruitment campaigns? Your career center offers members valuable career planning information and job opportunities they can’t find anywhere else. Call out your career center messaging on the member benefits page on your website and include your career center in any other lists of member benefits.
  • Use your online community. Set up a career center discussion group for members in your online member community and one for non-members (if you provide limited access to them in your online community). Make sure a staff member joins in the discussions, and ask your top members to post in the group to answer questions, promote resources, and spotlight your career center offerings to members.
  • Incorporate your career center in events. Whether your association’s events are in-person, virtual, or hybrid, be sure to promote your career center at each event. For example, set up a virtual or in-person booth at every event to promote your career center. You can also host and market a career fair, career skills session, or résumé review session, sponsored by your career center. The key is to use these opportunities to make sure attendees know about your career center and all that it offers for members.
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There are multiple ways to attract and engage members by offering them resources to grow their careers. Power your job board with YM Careers to boost your association’s brand while providing and marketing the career-growing benefits your members wants.

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