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How White Label Job Board Software Benefits Associations

White Label Job Board Software

White Label Job Board Software

Having white label job board software saves you time and money while helping you to better serve your association members. A white label job board gives you the opportunity to focus on attracting new members and serving your current members with relevant jobs and career related resources. 

Let’s look at what white label job board software is and how it can help your association. 

What is white label job board software?

White label job board software powers a white label job board, which is a job board that you brand and then manage on your own – or, if you partner with the right job board software provider, they can manage it for you.  

YM Careers takes the heavy lifting

By purchasing a white label product, you determine the requirements, features, and branding, without needing any coding or web design experience. You have the flexibility to choose how much back-end involvement you want to have based on your level of expertise. While some platforms provide templates that only need you to add information, others allow you to have more control in the structure and design of the website. 

Using white label job board software allows you to avoid the complications that often come with building a job board from scratch. If you build a custom job board website from scratch, it’s important to hire experts in the field of coding and web design. Those are complicated skills, which are needed for your job board to run smoothly and work effectively.  

When you choose white label job board, however, you eliminate the added cost of hiring web designers and coders. The software is basically run for you and is more sustainable than hiring new staff or expecting your employees to maintain everything. White label job board software gives you the opportunity to start your job board fast and give your members the high-quality job postings they expect to find with your association. 

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Benefits of white label job board software for associations

Using white label job board software provides your association and members with several benefits. There are multiple reasons to choose a white label job board that typically outweigh those of building your own website. For example: 

1. Cost efficiency

Using a white label job board is more cost-efficient for your association. Most importantly, you do not have to pay extra employees for website maintenance like you would if you built your website in-house. 

The cost is lower because you are essentially outsourcing the creation and upkeep of your site. Your job board provider will, at the least, create the template and skeleton of your career center, saving a lot of time to get your job board up and running. Or in the case of a full-service provider like YM Careers by Community Brands, your provider will design and build your site for you. 

Your job board must be updated and refreshed, which your white label job board software provider will do for you, making it a maintenance-free solution for your staff. 

Gaining Board Approval for a New Online Career Center Solution

Get our checklist to help you paint a compelling picture and convince your board that it’s time for new career center software.

2. Turnkey job board software

If you were to build your job board from scratch, members would not get the benefits of your job board as quickly, causing them to possibly turn to other options like mass job boards to help with their job search. If you use a white label job board software, the process is much faster, so members will have quicker access to the jobs and career development resources they’re seeking.  

This element of speed allows you to start sourcing high quality jobs for your job board immediately. With a turnkey solution like a white label job board, employers will be excited to get their jobs posted on your website quickly so they can start recruiting as soon as possible. 

Developed for Members and Their Employees

3. Developed for members and hiring employers

Your professional association will thrive as your members benefit from your job board because they know theyll find the best jobs and career development resources. Employers will feel confident that they can continue to invest with your association because they can find the skilled talent they need to fill their open jobs. 

How does white label job board software help associations?

White label job board software can be incredibly helpful for your association. For example, for healthcare associations, having an industry-specific job board will allow employers to quickly find candidates for niche medical care positions.  

When employers know they can fill their open jobs quickly with your members, they will continue to invest with your association far into the future, becoming a consistent source of non-dues revenue for your association. When members know they can always go to your association’s online career center to find the job and career development resources they need to advance their careers, they will continue to renew their membership year after year and tell their friends and colleagues to join as well. 

These revenue sources allow your association to invest in other areas that will support your association’s mission of serving your members and your industry. 

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YM Careers is your white label job board software solution

No matter what your industry might be – healthcare, engineering, legal, or other niche industry – if you’re in search of a white label job board solution, YM Careers is here to help. With customers in nearly every niche across almost 3,000 associations, YM Careers has been the most trusted career center platform in the market for more than 20 years.  

One of the great things about YM Careers is that you pay no up-front costs: YM Careers doesn’t start making money until you do. And if you don’t have staff available to manage job board sales and marketing, YM Careers can help you showcase your job board to employers and job seekers.  

Using our services will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on attracting new members and serving your current members. Your association will drive deeper member engagement and more non-dues revenue – typically 35 percent or more – when switching to YM Careers. 

Learn more about how YM Careers can help your association

Request a demo or contact us today to find out how our white label job board software for associations can increase traffic, drive member engagement, and generate revenue for your association. 

YM Careers Is Your White Label Job Board Software Solution

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