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How Your Association Can Help Grow the Healthcare Industry

Associations that represent the healthcare industry have been occupied keeping up with changing resources, communication, and content that the industry has been utilizing since the pandemic began in 2020. Associations are the heartbeat to the industries they represent, so keeping up with an industry that is saturated with change can have its challenges. 

The healthcare industry and all the employees that work in the field have faced many tests but continue to evolve to help patients all over the world, showing how resilient the industry is. The latest insights from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the healthcare industry is expected to grow 13 percent from 2021 to 2031. That growth can translate to 2 million new jobs in the next decade.

With this much growth you can understand the importance of having a career center at your association. Your association’s career center is a much-needed spot for members to access industry articles and seek out new employment opportunities as they grow in their career.  

Your association can provide the tools needed to help the healthcare industry in 2022 and beyond.

Member priorities by career stage - 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands

A trend seen across multiple Community Brands studies over the past several years is that career advancement opportunities are a key driver of member acquisition and retention.

So, what can your association do to bridge the gaps and deliver more of the career-advancing benefits that your healthcare members crave? Here are three opportunities.

1. Give your online career center more attention

A career center on your association’s website is a great way to invest in your members. Your career center can be more than just a place to post healthcare open positions but rather a place for those in the healthcare industry to seek resources, articles, and references. YM Career’s has created a space to make all these resources possible with the Career Planning Portal.

go-to career resource

Providing a resource for career news and insights is a key driver to keep your career center traffic active and member engagement elevated. It’s important to position your career center as a career development destination.

job board software

2. Provide continuing education

Your career center can also be a great resource for members to get information about industry certifications and continuing education classes.  Take time to review your training and certification programs and be sure to include these types of career advancement opportunities at your meetings and conferences. Check with your association’s software provider regarding if your organization can track their continuing education hours– this would also be a great membership benefit to provide the busy and active healthcare member.  

3. Host a career fair for healthcare professionals

Provide an environment where healthcare professionals can go to learn about open positions as well as new trends in the industry. Hosting a career fair can be an excellent way to provide member benefits and allowing for opportunities in the healthcare industry. Provide an event that will allow your members to grow. 

connect employers with qualified candidates

Your career fair can be in-person or virtual to fit the complex schedules that many of your healthcare members may have. You can also find ways to incorporate a career fair at your annual conference to connect your members from all over the country.

Provide an opportunity for your members to meet employers, other members, and practice important career skills such as resume reviews all under one event. Make the process seamless for your members, as we know from studies that career advancement is a key membership driver 

Learn more about advancing your healthcare members' careers!

The associations that represent the healthcare industry play such an integral part for those working in healthcare. Providing the professionals that run that industry to have a place they can fall back on for resources, peer connections and networking is so vital. The power of associations is strong and the resources and technology that your organization provides yearly is always in the best interest of your members.  

Learn how YM Careers can help your members excel in the healthcare industry.

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