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How to Drive Association Non-Dues Revenue Through Career Center Sales

Looking for ways to drive non-dues revenue for your association? Read on for three ways to generate revenue through online career center sales.

An online career center can be a powerful driver of non-dues revenue for your association. It connects your members and job seekers in your industry with employers who are hiring, giving you multiple ways to make sales that increase revenue.  

Here are three ways to generate revenue through online career center sales:

1. Job posting sales

Employers often look to professional associations like yours to help them find highly skilled and qualified talent. This presents lots of opportunities for your association to engage employers with your industry-specific job board — and charge a fee for doing so. Employers will pay to advertise their available job postings on your association’s job board to reach skilled candidates (your members).

ASME Featured Jobs

To promote your job board to employers who need it, it’s important to: 

  • Reach out to employers who have relevant job opportunities and are not yet using your job board.
  • Explain why they should use your job board to access high quality and hard-to-find candidates from your membership base.
  • Help employers to choose the level of job postings to promote their job opportunities. 

2. Enhancements to job postings

Beyond job postings, you can drive more revenue by offering employers additional ways to promote their job opportunities. Employers will value the ability to extend their reach further within such a targeted group of qualified potential employees, and they will pay for that access. For example:  

  • Offer a job alert email to your members. Employers are often willing to pay extra for this distribution of their jobs to additional potential candidates.
  • Give employers the opportunity to highlight their jobs on your association’s website home page, your Twitter feed, and Facebook page.
  • Include a job feed or widget in your member and prospective member e-newsletters with recently posted jobs that sponsors have paid extra to promote. 

job alert

3. Sponsorship opportunities

Working with employers to promote their job opportunities through your online career center has another advantage besides the direct sale of job postings and enhancements. Once you have established a relationship with employers, it gives you the opportunity to ask those companies to become sponsors and advertisers with your association.

For example, invite them to sponsor your association’s career events. You can offer them multiple levels of sponsorships that includes things like:

  • Branding opportunities in which the sponsor can display their logos to event attendees on signage, the event website, emails, and more.
  • Lead opportunities in which sponsors can collect leads through exhibitor booths and product/services demos.
  • Networking opportunities in which sponsors can attend a member event or sponsor a networking event so that they can meet and greet attendees.  

Another possibility: Invite employers to become annual association sponsors, offering them packages that include things like advertising in your association’s website and publications, the opportunity to provide sponsored discounts or benefits to your members, and/or the ability to sponsor your association’s content, such as a paper or research study.

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With the right approaches, your online career center can increase non-dues revenue for your association. Learn more about how YM Careers can help your association create a robust online career center that helps you drive new sources of revenue.

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