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How Associations Can Help Employers Use Their Job Boards

How Can Associations Help Employers Use Their Job Boards? 

If you’re using the right job board software provider, your association’s job board should help employers in your niche reach their ideal potential candidates – without your association staff having to lift a finger. Beyond that, your members (the employers) should know how to use the marketing tools and features available. Here are some items to consider when guiding your employer members in making the most of your job board: 

1. Choose the Best Job Board Software 

Associations have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to job board software. Ultimately, though, it’s important to choose the platform that best fits the needs of your staff and members. Consider which job board tools would make the most of a company’s recruitment budget while attracting skilled, qualified candidates (your members). Partnering with the right job board software provider will give companies a high return on investment (ROI) and make your association the industry go-to for employers. 

With so many job board providers in the marketplace, it can be challenging for associations to find the perfect fit. Your job board provider should continuously work with you to find ways to maximize engagement, increase enrollment, and generate revenue. Job board platforms that support niche industries help employers quickly and easily reach their ideal candidates while providing members with a career center will increase recruitment and retention.   

Employers have access to many different platforms on which they can post jobs, such as ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Indeed. However, those platforms can spread employers thin, making them struggle to keep track of resumes, applicants, and data. Your association can provide an all-in-one solution, becoming a candidate destination for employers and a career destination for members.  

2. Proactively Collect Resumes 

Through your association, employers don’t have to wait around and hope that candidates apply for their jobs or submit resumes. Association job boards allow employers to source, screen, and manage applicants, including a resume bank network across associations so employers can recruit the most qualified niche talent in their industry. If they already have access to a specialized resume bank, employers can use the searchable database to access candidates who meet open position criteria before even needing to post a job.  

Employers target candidates by their professional experience, education, certifications, and skills. Your association should partner with a software provider who can give employers member insights based on the data in their uploaded resumes. This would encourage employers even more to advertise their jobs within your association’s career center, leading to an increase in non-dues revenue. 

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3. Showcase Employer Branding 

Ensure that employers know the value your association’s job board has as a company branding opportunity. Your career center presents a unique opportunity for employers to communicate their brand’s story to the exact pool of candidates they’re trying to reach. Employers can maximize their outreach and demonstrate how their company stands out from others in the industry.  

As an extension of the online job board, your association can provide employer branding opportunities through onsite and virtual career fairs. For example, recruitment guides are eBooks and printed guides that connect members with top industry employers. They include relevant career development resources for members and advertisements from employers. Employers can also purchase branded booths where they can highlight company information, job openings, and chat with candidates.  

recruitment guide

Recruitment Guide

Members look to their professional association as a career resource, so offering a job board to connect them with top careers and employers within your industry increases the value of your association. You can help employers use your job board by choosing job board software that offers them the highest ROI, giving them exclusive access to resumes, and providing premium branding opportunities. 

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