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Drive Non-dues Revenue and Deliver Member Value without Added Work

Want to drive non-dues revenue without lifting a finger? Here’s an easy way to generate revenue by connecting your members with top employers in your industry.

Members want help with growing their careers. The 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands shows that help with career development is among the top benefits members seek. 

Offering a recruitment guide is a great way to give your members the value they want while driving revenue for your association. And the best part: You can offer recruitment guides with no added work for your association’s staff. 

recruitment guides

What is a recruitment guide?

A recruitment guide helps your association become a career resource to both your members and employers in your industry. It offers members an easy way to look through job opportunities and learn more about potential employers in your industry. It also offers ways for employers in your industry to promote their companies and job opportunities to a highly targeted group of job seekers – your members. 

Recruitment guides can be provided in print and/or digitally, and can include: 

  • Career development articles and resources for members on topics such as how to write a résumé, interview tips, salary trends, and more
  • Advertisements and company profiles from employers looking to hire your members; digital guides can also include videos and links
  • Advertising opportunities for your association’s programs and initiatives 

One approach for using a recruitment guide is to create one in conjunction with your next annual meeting or any other event as a way to offer career development resources that go beyond job postings on your online job board. The recruitment guide can be a printed publication handed out to attendees (with an electronic version available to those who did not attend) that includes paid profiles of employers. 

Recruitment Guides

What are the benefits of offering a recruitment guide?

Recruitment guides offer multiple benefits for your association and your members: 

For your association

  • Drive revenue by offering employers in your industry the opportunity to post job opportunities, company profiles, and more in your recruitment guide. Employers will pay to showcase their brand to your highly sought-after members. You can also sell upgrades, such as premium placement, video ads (in digital guides), and color ads (in printed guides) to generate even more revenue. 
  • Create member value by bringing information about your industry’s leading employers directly to your members in a detailed guide, either digitally or printed (or both!). Delivering greater member value ultimately helps you to grow membership and improve retention.
  • Market your online career center and promote other member benefits and opportunities, such as events and professional learning opportunities. Reminding members about your career center and the added value and member benefits your association offers helps to improve member engagement and retention. 

For your members 

  • Members have a convenient location to find job opportunities and learn more about companies in your industry.
  • Career development resources help your members further their careers.
  • Members can see even more of the value of their membership with your organization. 

recruitment guide

Create recruitment guides with no added work for your staff 

YM Careers can handle the entire process of producing recruitment guides for your association – from sales and marketing to production and distribution. Recruitment guides are just one of the many career solutions that YM Careers provides to help your association grow.

With recruitment guides from YM Careers, create more revenue and a new member resource without lifting a finger.

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