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How to Generate Non-Dues Revenue Through Job Board Advertising

Your association’s job board has tremendous potential for becoming a revenue engine – through the power of advertising.

Your career center is a source of engagement and revenue for your organization. Are you ready to grow it?

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For your career center to reach its full potential, it needs the backing of an advertising team to get employers on board and increase job seeker traffic. Of course, your association probably doesn’t have extra staff around to fulfill these roles. So, an ideal approach is to work with a third-party sales and marketing team that has experience in your industry.

That’s why Community Brands backs its industry leading YM Careers job board software and career center solutions with sales and marketing teams that drive revenue for your career center. Let’s take a closer look at how YM Careers’ job board advertising can turn your association’s career center into a revenue engine.  

Employer non-dues revenue

Job posting sales

Your job board offers something other job boards don’t: a pool of highly targeted job seekers in your industry or profession. Employers will pay to promote their job openings on your job board, but they need to understand the value you offer.  

YM Careers offers job posting sales services that help you showcase your job board to employers who need it, which ultimately drives more revenue for your association. In fact, associations see an average increase of 35 percent in additional revenue by working with the YM Careers advertising team. 

The services include: 

  • Outreach – Using their expertise in the recruitment industry, team members reach out to employers who have relevant open jobs that are not yet on your career center.
  • Messaging – The team explains why employers should use your job board to access the high quality, hard-to-find talent in your member base. The team also creates leave-behind material for employers that include branded sales enablement tools, such as media kits, rate cards, and videos to help close the deal.
  • Sales – Dedicated career center sales representatives, an advertising agency team, a lead generation team, and a sales leadership team work together with employers to choose the right recruitment products and channels to attract high quality candidates and optimize their budget.

Job board marketing

job board marketing

To make your job board appealing to employers, you need lots of job seekers. The more qualified job seekers you have on your job board, the more likely employers are to not only advertise their positions with you in the first place, but also find the right candidates for their jobs – making them want to return again and again. 

YM Careers offers job board marketing services that use a combination of traditional marketing methods (print collateral and display ads) and digital media (email, website, and social media) as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, specific to each association. 

The power of advertising

The YM Careers sales and marketing teams work together to establish revenue engines for associations. Together, the advertising teams focus on four key areas: 

  1. Building brand awareness – They offer best practices templates, tool kits, ebooks, and more as a jumping off point for you to build brand awareness for your association’s career center. They also offer design services to create ads for employers as well as event flyers, web banner ads, and more.
  2. Increasing traffic – Getting job seekers to the job board is key to your career center’s success. Working together, the teams build a strategy for your association to drive people to your career center. The strategies include multiple marketing channels, such as email, paid media, digital content, print marketing, and social media.
  3. Driving engagement – The teams use engaging tools, such as prospecting videos, a streamlined job-seeker experience, and real-time appointment scheduling, to get people more engaged with your career center and enjoy a better overall experience.
  4. Generating revenue – In all activities, the teams always keep in mind the goal of generating revenue. They establish clear revenue goals with you as well as a strategy to attain those goals. 

sales and marketing

Here are some real-world examples of associations that work with YM Careers to create revenue engines from their job boards: 

Take the next step

Having the right technology for your association’s career center is a great start. To go a step further, you can truly turn your career center into a revenue powerhouse with the right sales and marketing engine behind it. 

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