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Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society Case Study

VECCS Case Study

“We’ve had a lot of partners, but I’ve never had an experience like I’ve had with YM Careers.”

Increased member
value and engagement

300% increase
in revenue

Ability to fund valuable member programs

“YM Careers laid it out and gave us no way to lose.”

VECCS Customer Testimonial



VECCS wanted to upgrade their job
board to provide a better member
online career center while generating
more revenue. As the veterinary
industry faces skyrocketing demand
and a shortage in veterinarians,
VECCS members needed a reliable
career resource.

With a small staff, VECCS also
needed a partner who could manage
everything related to sales and
marketing so they implemented
the job board software and career
services from YM Careers to
accomplish all of their goals.



With the YM Careers customer
marketing and sales teams,
VECCS now provides members
with Job Flash™ email alerts,
recruitment guides, and more to
help members grow their careers.
VECCS utilizes the Association
Placement Service to provide
members with personal recruiters
who find them their dream jobs.
And, through Career Benchmark
Dashboards, VECCS gives members
and employers unprecedented
career and industry insights to make
informed career decisions and
become employers of choice.



In addition to increasing member
value and engagement, VECCS has
seen a 300% increase in revenue.
This revenue boost for the small
staff association has given VECCS a
crucial replenishment of resources
all while providing their members a
true career destination, especially in
a time of need.

VECCS continues to embrace YM
Careers’ ideas for improving member
value and driving revenue. Now, the
small staff counts on the outstanding
YM Careers customer success team
to handle all of the details.


“YM Careers helps us make our career center a better offering for our members while driving more non-dues revenue from it – all without extra work on our part.”

Lauren San Martin, Marketing and Membership Director, VECCS

YM Careers Solutions
  • World-class member career development destination on a modern software platform
  • Dedicated sales support to drive employer signups and revenue 
  • Expert marketing strategy support to drive member engagement
  • New revenue-driving products including Job Flash™ emails and recruitment guides
  • New member career planning resources like Association Placement Service and Career Benchmark Dashboards


Founded in 1974, the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) promotes the advancement of knowledge and high
standards of practice in veterinary emergency medicine and critical patient care. VECCS serves about 6,000 members.

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