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3 Ways Your Association Can Prepare for Future Growth

We’re reaching the end of another year that has had ups, downs, twists, and turns. You might find yourself feeling overworked and uncertain about what comes next – and whether you have the right plan in place for association growth. 

So, as you wrap up this year and turn your attention to the start of a new year, how can you help to ensure your association remains strong?  

Here are three ways your organization’s online career center can position your association for future growth:

1. Going beyond big events for virtual engagement.

Your association probably took a big in-person event or two online in the past 18 months. That was a necessity for continuing to engage with members when onsite events weren’t possible. 

But as we look ahead, association industry research from Community Brands shows that while in-person events still have a valuable place in member engagement, members in the research study think they will continue to engage with their professional membership organization mostly virtually (47 percent) or an even mix of in-person and virtual (26%).

That’s where your online career center comes in.  

If you don’t offer an online career center, it’s time to provide this valuable member benefit. An online career center is a highly effective way to keep members more engaged by connecting members with job opportunities and career advancement resources throughout the year from wherever they’re located. 

If you do offer an online career center, be sure to make it more than just a place for members to view job openings. Provide members (and non-members) with a wealth of career development resources to help them in every stage of their careers. These resources can include everything from helpful articles and tips to resume reviews and access to career coaches. 

2. Host virtual career events throughout the year to provide member value and drive revenue.

Your online career center can be more than an online career advancement resource (as if that weren’t enough). You can also use your career center as a vehicle for virtual events throughout the year to grow your members’ careers and drive revenue for your organization.  

For example, here are a few virtual events you can host through your career center to give your members and other job seekers more value while driving revenue (these can be hosted as in-person/online hybrid events, too!):

  • Virtual career fairs  With virtual career fairs, employers purchase online booths where they spotlight their open jobs, company information, and other related materials. Job candidates can visit these booths during the event to chat with prospective employers. 
  • Online résumé reviews – Offer your members and industry job seekers free résumé reviews and online coaching given by expert résumé writers and career coaches. 
  • Online mentoring events – Plan an event that connects mentors and mentees by offering an online space where the two groups can engage one-on-one.  

3. Letting technology do more of the work.

Using the right job board software and career center solutions can help you provide a great online career center without a lot of added work. For example, YM Careers by Community Brands provides easy-to-use job board software plus career planning and development tools to help you build the ultimate career center for your industry. It includes:

  • Powerful job posting and distribution tools with these capabilities: 
    • Job postings – Employers can pay a fee to easily post job opportunities.
    • Candidate screening and management – Provide employers with functionality to screen and manage applicants.    
  • Features to maximize exposure of employers’ job postings and drive more revenue for your organization: 
    • Job alert email – Introduce a job email to your members. Employers are often willing to pay extra for this distribution of their jobs to candidates.
    • Jobs feed or widget – Add one of these to your member and prospective member e-newsletters with recently posted jobs that employers pay extra to promote.
    • Banner advertising – Give employers the opportunity to place banner ads on your job board, directing job seekers from your career center to the employers’ job posting(s). 
  • Unmatched career-building tools to help job seekers land the jobs they want and grow their careers:
    • Career pathing – Give your members a clear roadmap to reach their professional goals with an online tool to visualize the steps from the job they have today to their next great job.
    • Career advice – Provide career advice, with professional resources and coaching, including articles, tips, best practices, résumé reviews, and access to career coaches.
    • Tailored career insights – Give members detailed data, including salary, education and skills requirements, activities performed, outlooks for job growth, related jobs and more, to help members make informed career decisions. 

Learn more

YM Careers job board software and career center solutions can help you create an online career center that optimally positions your association for the future. See YM Careers in action: request a personalized demo. 

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