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Personalize Your Members’ Career Journey at Any Career Stage

Member value starts with the very simple idea of understanding your members’ needs and listening to their goals.

Let your membership know that you are working for their “why” and provide the tools they need to succeed in their industry. It’s a way for your association to show members you understand them, and you’re providing useful resources based on their needs.

You can understand the research behind this theory in the 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands. In order to keep your members engaged and interested in your association it’s important to ask questions, provide the resources your members desire and create new, industry-specific content for your educational offerings.

Member loyalty


Membership Importance


Career resources and growth are top priorities for members and could be the reasons why some new members join your association. If you review the chart below from the Community Brands study, you can see just how important members indicate career growth is when asked this question. 45 percent stated that job benefits were a top membership advantage while 43 percent cited the importance of help with career advancement. Understanding these results and providing resources such as a career center for your members can benefit your current and future members for years to come.

membership benefits


One way to help with personalization for your members is to present them with content specific to their career stage. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Students/new graduates

These members are typically looking for internships and other ways to stand out from the crowd. If your organization offers resources such as internship options or career fairs make sure to highlight these on the association’s website, newsletter, and career center. Help these students and new graduate members understand that your association is the perfect starting point for their career paths. This is also a great time for students and new graduates to connect with fellow members in the industry and find mentorship to grow their new careers with.


As your members enter the workforce, they’re searching and applying for jobs. Send them communications about your career center, networking opportunities, and educational offerings.  Also think about options like an online membership community and relevant industry articles. Make sure your career center is set up to provide career development growth for your members. Providing valuable content will also provide integrity and trust within your industry.



When members get to this stage, they’re looking to grow their careers. Share tools and information to help them expand their careers, such as:

  • Certification and credentialing– Help your members continue their education
  • Industry Events– Networking events such as socials and annual conferences
  • Industry news- Provide the resources so your members can always have the most updated content.
  • Industry Updates– Alerts about legislative issues affecting the industry
  • Peer to Peer- Help your members meet new members and set up group peer sessions


As members move into the later stages of their careers, they’re looking to hire new employees and grow as a leader. They are looking for feedback, industry news and training opportunities. Survey your late-career members to see what other resources they might be looking for.  This helps personalize their experience and career needs even more.

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