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How Your Job Board Provider Can Help Grow Your Career Center

Providing a job board is a great benefit for your members. Taking your job board even further to create a full online career center is even better. But offering these great career development opportunities alone is just the start. You need to market them to job-seekers and employers if you want them to thrive.

The truth is, though, that you’re not in the job board or career center business (at least, that’s not the primary business you’re in). Your association is focused on recruiting and engaging with members. So, it makes sense to look for a job board software provider that not only delivers software, but can also actively work with you to drive traffic to your career center.

Here are some key marketing services to look for from your job board software provider:

Marketing to Employers

Look for a provider that reaches out to employers who have relevant open jobs to introduce why your association is a great channel for recruiting the talent they’re seeking. The provider should also build relationships with employers even before they have open jobs, so you’re part of their media plan right from the start. And, the provider should also sell additional paid options to employers to maximize exposure of their job postings on your job board while driving more revenue for your organization.

TIP: The YM Careers marketing team showcases your job board to employers who need it, ultimately driving more revenue for your association. In fact, associations see an average increase of 35 percent of additional revenue by working with the YM Careers job posting sales team.

Some examples of how your job board provider should help market your job board to employers:

  • Media kits – Your provider can design a custom media kit for your organization to give employers a complete look into your recruitment media channels, which might include job emails, banner ads, recruitment guides, and promotions on your association’s social media feeds. The kit can include audience demographics, employer benefits, channel reach, packaging, and pricing.
  • Lead generation campaigns – Your provider can develop email campaigns to drive traffic and generate revenue for your career center. The provider should use a variety of testing methods, such as marketing automation and A/B testing, while adjusting strategy to ensure the most effective approach for reaching the right industry employers and leads.
  • Marketing analysis – After each campaign, your provider should analyze key metrics to evaluate performance and adjust future campaigns as appropriate.
Marketing to Job Seekers

The software you choose for your job board should support your ability to optimize every job for search engines, and reach candidates through social media, email, mobile channels, and sophisticated programmatic advertising. The job board software provider should also help you drive job seekers to your site through search engines, social media, and other digital channels.

Here are two examples of how your provider should help market your job board to job seekers:

  • Job alert emails – One of the best ways to market your job board and grow revenue is to email job seekers who are registered on your job board with job postings that employers have paid extra to include in the email. Your provider should create and send these types of emails on your behalf.
  • Marketing resources – Your provider can work with you to create and launch various marketing tactics to continuously increase job seeker traffic and engagement for your career center. Look for a provider that also offers tools and templates – for things like social media content, banner and print ads, and press release templates – to help you easily develop ongoing marketing campaigns.

TIP: The YM Careers marketing team offers services for digital marketing, content creation, creative design, and more to help you drive traffic to your job board and market jobs to the professionals in your industry.

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There’s no need to take on the burden of marketing your career center by yourself. YM Careers offers not only leading job board software for associations, but also an entire team that’s ready to help you drive traffic to and revenue from your career center. Learn more about YM Careers: Watch our video and request a personalized demo

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