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Creating a Social Media Plan for Your Career Center

Working closely with associations, our job board marketing team strategizes about different ways to promote their career center to members. However, the one area that some seem to dread is social media. How do I come up with a social media plan for my career center? What should I post? Are my members really looking at social media for new career opportunities?

Here are 7 basic steps to promoting your career center on social media.

1. Begin with the end goal
Your social media strategy should start with your goals. First, identify your marketing goals for promoting your career center and how you want to communicate that. Define your short-term goals and your long-term goals that will increase your online presence, increase member engagement, and will appeal to prospective members. Having these goals defined will help you reach your members on the right channel, with the right message.

2. Choose your channel
With many social media channels available, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and to decide which platform will best help you reach your communication goals. Each channel is not made the same. Consider each network in your marketing mix, before posting and decide what channels would be best for your digital strategy.

3. Look at other associations
There’s nothing wrong at looking at other associations to see how they’re posting on social media. Outline how they are engaging and communicating with their members and use that as a reference. For example, we’ve created branded social media images for several associations, in order for them to promote features of their career center on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The messaging included different features their career center offers, such as, uploading your resume, receiving a free resume review, and expanding their professional network. These are just some ideas that can help you start your own unique marketing plan.

4. Provide distinct value
Provide value and an experience your members are looking to you for. A great starting point is to identify a solution to their problem, such as, getting a free resume/CV review. Or having them sign up for job alerts to decrease their time spent looking for jobs. Have a virtual happy hour or career fair event coming up? Be sure to post that on your social media channels to engage them and make your members aware that you’re here for them.

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5. Different channels call for different content
People often enjoy seeing a lot of visuals such as beautiful images, infographics, videos, and more. You can keep this informal on Facebook, Instagram needs to be very visual, and LinkedIn needs to portray your expertise. Be careful with the tone of your message. Engage your readers to interact with your message by linking to your career center or if hosting a career event, linking to the registration page.
In addition, make sure your hash-tags can significantly increase your overall reach with your content on Instagram and Twitter. Best practice is using 4-6 hash-tags while looking at existing conversations that have high engagement.

6. Analyze & Adjust
You can track pretty much everything you do on social media. Every platform offers their own variety of analytics showing you all your traffic and insights. You can improve what your future content will be like from looking at your past content and results. You can see which social channel is giving better results and if you have a budget, you can get into additional paid campaigns to focus your efforts on specific opportunities. Be creative, explore your industry for new innovative findings, and follow these steps to begin your social media journey to an effective plan! This engagement not only helps drive traffic back to your career center, but spreads awareness of your career center brand and what you offer to members throughout their career journey.

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