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5 Ways to Increase Member Engagement on Your Association Career Center

It’s crucial to make members fully aware of benefits available on your career center through your existing association marketing channels

Your members use more than one method to acquire information about upcoming events, industry news, and member perks. Member awareness is key to a successful career center, and the path to career center awareness is frequent exposure. Follow these simple steps to increase career center awareness and member satisfaction with minimal effort.

1. Association Blogs: Source career related articles from the job board resources page to integrate into association blog post Articles cover everything members need to make their resume stand out, ace the interview, advance their career, and navigate the digital world through social media and digital communication 

2. Job Widget: Placing a job widget on the association homepage is an eye-catching way to advertise your career center while providing dynamic content for members and increasing job views and exposure for employersInterested in a job widget that fits your website design? A talented team of YM Careers designers will ensure your job widget matches the format and spacing available for a seamless look 

3. Newsletters: Include active jobs, or career center ads in every newsletter campaign. Dynamic content such as an updated list of active jobs provide an easy source of relevant information for readers and typically get the highest click ratesCareer center ads are another option and various sizes are available on request 

4. Social Media Channels: Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram daily.Easily setup career center ads to appear on your channels to increase awareness using a scheduling software such as Hootsuite, It, etc. You aren’t limited with the content you can use to keep the career center top of mind eitherUsing an RSS feed can automatically share new jobs being posted or a creative ad to remind members to “Upload Resume” or “View Jobs”.  

5. Printed Flyers: Included printed career center flyers in member welcome packets and all onsite events to share available benefits with members and exhibitors. Advertise the career center when users are looking for the advantages your association has to offer 

It’s easy to see all the ways to incorporate career center messaging through your marketing channels. A clear career center presence on the association website, in newsletterson social channels, in blogs and printed flyers will reach members in every method they turn to for association information. Career center messaging and materials are available through the Job Board Marketing team, and YM Careers’ knowledgeable Customer Success team is ready to help if you have any questions 

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