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3 Ways to Increase Your Association’s Job Posting Revenue

Are you maximizing your career center’s revenue potential?

Your career center can be a great source of revenue for your association. Of course, one way to drive revenue is simply by charging employers a fee to post their job opportunities on your job board. But you don’t have to stop there.

You can increase your association’s job posting revenue by offering employers additional paid options to get their job postings in front of more candidates. Here are three proven ideas:

1. Offer banner advertising
Employers can maximize their recruitment efforts and promote their brand (not to mention, improve the return on their investment in job postings) by placing a banner ad on your job board. Eye-catching banner ads help ensure employers’ job postings stand out from the crowd. They direct job seekers from your career center to the employers’ job posting(s) and encourage candidates to submit an application.

2. Provide a re-targeting campaign service
Re-targeting keeps employers’ job openings and brand in front of potential candidates after they’ve left your career center. Here’s how it works:

  • Job seekers visit your career center.
  • The job seekers then move on to browse other websites.
  • The job seekers see an employer ad that appears on the sites they spend time on.
  • The job seekers click through to a link of the employer’s choice.
Pro Tip: This approach helps employers drive passive candidates to their job postings, increase their brand visibility, and stand out from their competitors.

3. Offer social media outreach
Employers can pay an added fee to put their job postings in front of passive job seekers through your social media networks. This approach also helps employers extend their recruitment reach beyond the pages of your career center.

Now, you might be saying to yourself that these ideas sound great, but how can you manage these activities? After all, your staff is busy enough managing your association as it is.

You can still drive additional revenue from your job board by working with a third-party team that has experience in your industry. For example, Community Brands backs its industry leading YM Careers career center technology solution with sales and marketing teams that drive revenue for your career center.

YM Careers sales and marketing services help you get employers on board as job posters and drive additional revenue using approaches including the ones in this article. So, not only are you populating your career center with great opportunities for job seekers, you’re providing great value for employers in your industry. Everyone wins.

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