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8 Email Marketing Tips to Engage Members and Grow Your Career Center

Maybe you just launched your association’s job board. Or maybe your online career center has been around a while. Either way, it won’t be a success if your members aren’t engaged with it.

Email is a great way to get members more involved with your career center. It can drive members to the resources they need to find their next great job or their next great new hire.

But, it’s important to remember that, like all of us, members receive a lot of information. It won’t help to just send them a bunch of emails willy-nilly. The emails must have purpose and focus on what’s in it for the members.

Here are eight effective ways to use emails to get members more engaged with your online career center:

1. Get the word out.
When you launch your career center, send an email from your executive director or president highlighting the benefits of the career center for job seekers and employers.

2. Send monthly marketing emails.
Distribute an email to your registered job seekers each month with tips and best practices for using the support your career center provides. Highlight key job-hunting techniques and then point members to specific resources in your career center for more information.

3. Introduce job alerts.
Let members sign up to have jobs matched to their preferences and qualifications and sent directly to their inbox whenever those jobs are posted. Then, they can be the first to discover and apply for new opportunities.

Keep in mind that employers are often willing to pay extra for this distribution of their job to additional potential candidates. More exposure for their job postings; more revenue for your organization – a win-win!

4. Set up automated email campaigns.
Automated email campaigns are a great way to nurture contacts and continually market your career center while saving your staff from the hassle of manually building and sending emails. Be sure to incorporate compelling pieces of content such as videos, infographics, and digital flipbooks to grab and hold members’ attention.

5. Promote coupons and special offers.
This is a great way to encourage employers to post more job postings, particularly during slower posting periods.

6. Promote the career center itself.
Market the career center as a member and user benefit in all emails that you distribute. Personalize content for job seeking and hiring manager members with separate messages that highlight what’s in it for each of those groups.

7. Include testimonials and articles in your newsletter.
Feature a job seeker who found a great opportunity through the career center. Have them summarize their thoughts in a quote. Write up an article or capture their full story in video and link to it from your newsletter.

8. Add a job feed or widget to your newsletter.
By including recently posted jobs, this is likely to become one of the most viewed/clicked-upon sections of your newsletter.

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YM Careers by Community Brands gives you the tools you need to create a robust online career center and put these approaches to work for your member engagement strategy.

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