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How to Provide Big Value for Your Members, Industry, and Association

Is your association’s membership focused on a specific industry or profession? If so, then there’s something should be doing to provide big value to your members, companies in your industry, and your association: Offer an online job board.

By offering a job board for your industry, you fill a niche that generic job boards like Indeed and Monster do not. The focus on your industry gives job seekers and employers a better chance at filling specialized positions that might go unnoticed on big, general job boards.

Here’s how a job board can benefit your members, your industry, and your association:

Value for job-seeking members

2022 Association Trends Study - why members join

According to the 2022 Association Trends Study by Community Brands, job opportunities and career development resources are consistently among the most important member benefits. Offering a job board gives your members the value and help they need, including: 

  • The ability to easily search and apply for relevant internships and job opportunities
  • Access to professional resources, such as career advice articles and résumé critiques, to help them land the job
  • The ability to network and connect with mentors to grow professionally

Value for industry employers

Employers in your industry need to fill jobs that require specific skills and industry knowledge. By offering a job board, your association can provide employers with access to highly qualified candidates – your members. 

An online job board can help employers:

  • Easily post job opportunities and distribute them to the right audience based on details including skills, certifications, and geography.
  • Maximize exposure of their job postings through job board enhancements such as job alert emails and promotions on your association’s social media feeds.
  • Screen and connect with applicants and manage the application process.

Value for your association

AAFP career center

Offering a job board provides the value your members want and the capabilities that companies in your industry seek. In turn, your association sees the benefits. For example:

  • Generate non-dues revenue by charging employers a fee to get their job openings in front of your members.
  • Acquire new members by giving non-members limited access to your job board. You can then capture non-member information and use it in marketing efforts to drive new members.
  • Acquire new learners by presenting your association’s professional learning programs and courses on your job board, and by promoting relevant courses related to a user’s job search.
  • Engage and retain members by providing a high-value member benefit and serving as the go-to recruitment and job-finding resource in your industry.
Take the next step.

Now that you know it’s time for a job board, the next step is to convince your board and select job board software for your association.

Discover more about how YM Careers job board software and career services can help your association become THE career destination for your industry.

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