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Virtual Recruiting is here to stay, are you ready?

Virtual Recruiting is here to stay, are you ready?

The virtual world that 2020 brought us will likely carry over into 2021, and beyond. One of the biggest new trends being virtual recruitment. This cost efficient and convenient solution will become the staple for first round recruitment – is your association prepared to provide this benefit to your members and investors? Below we will explore solutions your association can implement to stay relevant with the changing times.

Finding new career opportunities is one of the most valued benefits associations can provide to their members. In fact, according to a recent YM study, 70% of members say it’s one of the most important things their association can do for their career development. If you don’t already offer a career center, check out this infographic that outlines the 4 steps the becoming the ultimate career destination for your members.

Career centers offer not only stream of non-dues revenue but also a centralized location for your members to explore current career opportunities in their industry. With the right partner, you career center can become much more than just job postings. Offering other career resources on the site such as career insights, advice, pathing, resume/cv review and more, creates an all-encompassing destination that separates you from other associations.


70% of association members say career opportunities are one of the most important offerings their association can provide.                                                                                     

Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual Career Fairs provide an excellent opportunity for recruiters to conduct many screenings and first round interviews with candidates. The virtual format is cost-efficient and allows recruiters the flexibility to connect with multiple prospective candidates without being confined by geography. Post-event reporting and candidate databases are quickly increasing in demand, with a 37% growth in pipelining as a skill for recruiters (LinkedIn Insights).

The added benefit that your Association audience brings is a unique, niche audience; nowhere else can companies and recruiters talk to so many qualified candidates in just a few short hours. This is bound to continually be a request from employers and your members alike.

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) had great success with their first virtual career fair. From generating revenue to creating value for employers and members, as well as gaining new members. They are now running their second virtual career fair, as 97% of attendees said they would attend again in the future.


It was a great way to engage with interested students in lieu of sending recruiters to campuses all over the country.  Now it’s gone from being an option to being a necessity. Without some sort of virtual interaction right now, hiring would be dead in the water. – Northrup Gruman Talent Acquisition, SHRM study 


Digital Recruitment Guides

Digital recruitment guides offer your members an easy way to look through current opportunities from employers, or just browse the market. These guides can be easily shared or downloaded and are mobile friendly, optimal for viewing on the go. This option is great for more passive jobseekers, who may currently have a career but are interested in seeing what opportunities are available.

Digital recruitment guides tie in well with virtual events, such as conferences, which significantly boost their open rate, proving they are an added benefit. The best part is this can be provided with no lift to your association. This product is a fully turnkey solution from promotion and sales to production that will provide benefits to your members and association.

These recruitment solutions will help advance your association to the next level and help you become a true career destination for your members. Not to mention these solutions can become a significant stream of non-dues revenue.

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