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Becoming a Career Destination for Member Retention & Growth

How to become your industry’s go to resource for career advancement and industry growth. 

4 Proven Ways to Diversify Non-Dues Revenue

In a recent Community Brands study, 51% of members said their association is more important than before, with one of the top three reasons members join associations being to advance their careers. Associations strive to provide their members with many benefits and providing a robust online career center offering many career benefits beyond jobs opportunities is crucial.

So, how does your association become the go to place for supporting members throughout their careers from students to retiree and everything in between?

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What benefits members are most interested in
  • The right mix of career advancement and resources to provide
  • How to set your association up to be a true career destination for your members

“If you want to work with somebody that’s going to help your association succeed and that understands all your pain points, all your challenges and wants to help you get through everything one by one, I’ve never seen a company as helpful as YM Careers.”

— Richard Spector, Director of Corporate Development and Industry Relationships,
Public Relations Society of America

Presented by
Headshot Tara Pawlak Tara Pawlak
Director of Marketing
YM Careers


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