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E-Books and Recruitment Guides: Connecting Your Association Members to Employers

We live in a fast-paced world.

Members are constantly looking for career resources to advance in their profession and recruitment guides are an excellent avenue to consider. Our recruitment guides offer your members an easy way to look through current opportunities from employers, or just browse the industry market. These guides can be easily shared or downloaded and are mobile friendly, optimal for viewing on the go. Check out the benefits of this member resource and how you can leverage it to make your association non-dues revenue.

Association Benefits

Full turnkey offering: Providing this resource to your members comes with no lift on your end. YM Careers will handle the entire guide production, from promotion and selling, to production. All you need to do is distribute the guide to your members!

Additional advertisement: Looking for other ways to get information in the hands of your members? These guides act as a great piece to showcase association information! Have an upcoming meeting, relevant career articles or advice, how about an online store? These can all be promoted inside the guide giving it more enriching content and value to your members.

Non dues revenue: Employers are always seeking quality talent to join their organization. Your members are an audience that is an asset to their recruiters. Employers will pay to advertise their open roles in your guide and gain exposure to your members. You can sell upgrades such as premium placement, video ads, and color (printed guides) to enhance your revenue.

Member Benefits

Career opportunities: Your members will get the chance to learn more about open opportunities in their industry. These advertisements will contain different information than your typical job posting, including information about the company culture and location benefits. With video advertisement, employers will paint a picture for your members and leave a lasting impression of their organization to help members choose their next career move.

Relevant industry articles: Not only will your members receive details on the latest opportunities, they can also learn more about career related topics. By including articles such as how to write a CV/resume, negotiating with recruiters, salary trends, and more, you are providing the full spectrum of career information to help members make the most informed decision.

Where to Showcase Your Guide

So, what are the best ways to get an e-book or recruitment guide in the hands of your members? We’ve highlighted our best practices recommendations below.

Direct email campaign: This is one of the most successful channels in distributing the guide. Let your members know about what the guide can provide and how to use it as a tool in their career exploration. Have a career center? This is a great time to highlight it as an ongoing resource.

Current E-newsletter: Can’t send out a dedicated email? Showcase the guide in one of your current communications. You can link a banner or place a small blurb about the guide in an existing email.

Conference & Conference App: If you are providing a print version of the guide during your Conference, consider placing it in multiple locations. In welcome bags, at your resource hub, and at career related sessions are great places to display the guide. You can also embed the digital version in your Conference app for easy access.

Website and Career Center: Place banners that link to the digital guide on your website and career center. These sites receive lots of traffic from your members and are another way to provide exposure and receive more views (great for employer ROI).

Social Media: Social media is a powerful marketing tool. You know your members and what channels are most successful, but LinkedIn and Facebook prove to be successful avenues in promoting the guide.

Take the next step.

E-books and recruitment guides are a new and innovative way to connect your members with top employers in the industry, while generating non-dues revenue: a win-win. These can be tied into a current event or published throughout the year. To talk with a solution expert and request a demo today.

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