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Personalize Your Members’ Experience through Each Stage of Their Careers

Personalization goes a long way toward delivering member value.

It’s a way for your association to show members you know them, and you’re providing useful tools and resources based on their needs.

The Community Brands Digital Evolution Study underscores the importance of personalization. In the study, 65 percent of members say they are interested in personalization, with 79 percent saying it’s very or somewhat important that their organization provide targeted, valuable content.

One great approach to personalization is to present members with content specific to their career stage. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Students/new graduates
These members are typically looking for internships and other ways to stand out from the crowd. Send them targeted information about your organization’s internship board as well as training and certification opportunities.

Tech Tip: YM Careers InternBoard can be fully integrated with a YM Careers online job board, or you can create a stand-alone intern board. With an InternBoard, internship seekers can easily create their own accounts and profiles. They can add résumés and cover letters, search internship postings, and apply directly within the job board or externally by following employers’ instructions.

Early careerist
As your members enter the workforce, they’re searching and applying for jobs. Send them communications about your job board, networking opportunities (including online community, virtual career fairs, and other meetings), plus professional education and credentialing opportunities.

Tech Tip: Another great way to support students, new grads, and early careerists is to help them build a clear roadmap to reach their professional goals. Career Journey from YM Careers is an online tool that lets you give members the ability to map out their career path based on the job they want. It gives them a well-defined path to get there, including the skills, learning, and job titles they need to reach their goals.

Mid careerist
When members get to this stage, they’re looking to grow their careers. Share tools and information to help them expand their careers, such as:

  • Certification and credentialing
  • Networking opportunities
  • Recommended learning paths
  • Industry news
  • Alerts about legislative issues affecting the profession
  • Best practices and research


Tech Tip: Using a YM Careers career center with Crowd Wisdom by Community Brands, you can provide member value by recommending learning courses that can help members become qualified for specific job opportunities.

Late careerist
As members move into the later stages of their careers, they’re looking to hire new employees and grow as a leader. Provide them with specific tools and resources for their needs, including:

  • Job board (for recruiting)
  • A booth at your next virtual career fair
  • Leadership training courses
Tech Tip: As members move through their careers, they can connect with a mentor or mentee to grow professionally. A YM Careers MentorBoard gives them the ability to set up their own accounts and profiles with information needed to qualify them as a “mentor” or “mentee”. They can then search user profiles and initiate contact with each other. Both mentor and mentee email addresses are kept confidential until a contact request has been accepted.

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YMCareers provides career center technology solutions to help you deliver these types of personalized member experiences throughout the career journey, but are you ready to make your members feel like they can’t afford not to stick around? . Join Community Brands tomorrow, July 28th at 11:30am ET for a free CAE credit webinar to learn how to nurture relationships with your members, and convey the value of membership.

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