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10 Ways to Grow Your Association’s Career Center Through Virtual Events

Your career center provides a big member benefit by connecting members with their next great new hire or job opportunity. It can also be a great source of revenue for your association through paid job ads, sponsorships, and other fee-based products.  

At the same time, your members look to your organization for learning and networking opportunities. You’re probably spending significant time creating events (these days, virtual events) with content, speakers, and networking opportunities to meet those needs.  

So, why not use your virtual events to grow your career center? All you need is the right career center technology and some proven techniques.

Here are 10 ideas for growing your career center through your virtual events: 

1. Include an ad or page highlighting the career center and its benefits on the microsites for your virtual events.

2. Display banner ads during your virtual events that promote your career center.

3. Include a virtual booth in your events’ virtual exhibit halls to promote your career center.

4. Host career skills sessions at your virtual events. Brand them as “sponsored” by your career center.

5. Host online networking or résumé review events and invite industry experts and career coaches to provide insights to your members.

6. Host virtual career fairs at your virtual events that are “sponsored” by your career center.

7. Offer a virtual career fair booth as a benefit or paid add-on opportunity for your virtual event sponsors.

8. Package job posting credits with your virtual event sponsorships in which job posting credits increase with higher levels of sponsorship. For example: Silver Sponsors could receive five job posting credits, Gold Sponsors 10, etc.

9. Give sponsors and exhibitors of your virtual events a coupon code for a career center discount (for sponsorships, job postings, or other fee-based items).

10. Offer employer branding opportunities – such as banner advertisement and “featured employer” status in your career center’s job alert emails  as a benefit or paid add-on opportunity for your virtual event sponsorship packages. 

Take the next steps.

Using YM Careers as your career center solution, you can implement these techniques (and more!) to grow your career center, generate revenue, and provide valuable member benefits.  

Be the trusted source to match members to their next opportunity, while generating non-dues revenue.

Learn how YM Careers job board software solutions can help.

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