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How to Boost Engagement at Your Next Conference

Your career center is the key to unlocking your association’s annual conference potential. Grow attendance, drive engagement, and increase revenue with the help of your career center. How does your career center and annual conference relate? When career-related content is integrated with your conference, you’re providing additional career-centric resources to your members. 


We have identified five major areas where you can integrate valuable career content into your annual conference. By doing so, you’ll add more value for your attendees and sponsors, helping to make your conference an unforgettable event. 

Let’s dive into how to boost engagement at your next conference. 

1. Deliver the best of the best 

Employers want to hire the most qualified candidates and your annual conference is their gold mine. Nowhere else will an employer connect with a more concentrated group of dedicated professionals, actively committed to advancing their careers through professional development and networking opportunities offered at an annual conference.  

To facilitate the connections, consider adding a separate area during scheduled networking events dedicated to employers and job seekers. This can offer a casual atmosphere where employers can learn more about a potential candidate outside of a structured interview environment, and job seekers can network with a range of employers. 

2. An event within an event 

Every year, you strive to attract new and returning members to your annual conference. Hosting a career fair during your conference is a valuable and popular event your members will appreciate. Career fair members are specifically looking to make a career change, and this offering adds an opportunity to sell additional booth space and advertising opportunities to employers.  

Offering a career fair at your annual conference enables members to connect with several companies in a very short timeframe and provides employers access to an active and engaged audience of industry professionals in a single location. Not only will this “event within an event” generate additional revenue, but your online career center will also experience a surge in traffic before, during and after the event. 

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3. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities 

Open up your conference advertising and sponsorship packages to employers and recruiters by offering targeted advertising packages. You can help employers and recruiters reach your members with job opportunities. Ideas include adding a section for “Featured Job Postings” within your conference program, adding a “Featured Jobs” widget on your conference website or web pages, and allowing advertisers to insert printed materials or branded gifts into the conference bag.  

These advertising opportunities should be packaged with your career center products to expand the employer’s reach online as well as offline for the duration of the conference. All advertisers should post their job openings online before and during the event to further drive interest. Also, providing employers and recruiters with a package that offers access to the resume database allows them to research potential candidates before the conference and invite them to meet in-person at the event. 

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YM Careers Recruitment Guide 

4. Drive awareness by adding services 

You know that your association’s career center is valuable to your members, prospects and employers. But your career center can also be a great place to promote your event. Enhance your event by adding services like a Certified Career Counselor onsite to help any potential job seekers. Some Certified Career Counselors may be willing to do so at no charge to you in exchange for the exposure they receive with job seekers. They can help with resume critiquing, career counseling, interview tips etc. If a job seeker is interested in a more in-depth engagement, they can make that arrangement onsite. Promote these exclusive conference opportunities with a banner ad on your career center website and take advantage in the expected spike in career center traffic. 

5. Showcase your career center 

Short periods of time between sessions or breaks present a valuable opportunity to engage your members with your brand. Consider having a set of computer terminals available for use, with your career center as the default homepage. This will allow attendees to view current job openings and upload their resume on-site. If you have a career fair module active, attendees can schedule meetings with employers right on site. This creates a simple and seamless experience to facilitate the employer and job seeker connection. 


Whether you choose to have a booth at your conference to register members for your job board, or you host a full-fledged career fair, making your career center a featured part of your conference can increase engagement and add value for your members and sponsors. These event enhancements can have a real impact long after everyone has returned home. And if you’re not currently utilizing an online career center as part of your association’s value proposition, it is time for you to take a look at how this technology can play a significant role in your organization’s future success and ongoing financial health.  

Learn more about how YM Careers can turn your association into the go-to recruitment resource for your industry.

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