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Provide More Value with Your Career Fair Sponsorship Opportunities

Here are four ways to provide career fair sponsorship opportunities that offer more value to employers in your association’s industry and drive more revenue for your organization.

Each year, businesses in your association’s industry think about how they will fill their open job roles. This presents a great opportunity for you to drive more revenue while delivering greater member value by hosting a career fair that connects employers in your industry with your job-seeking members. And one of the best ways to ensure success for your career event, and generate revenue is to focus on career fair sponsorship opportunities.

Why would employers be interested in your association’s career fair sponsorship opportunities?

Employers in your industry are looking for ways to find good candidates for their open positions. At the same time, association industry research shows that job opportunities and help with career advancement are among the most important member benefits. Hosting a career fair gives you the opportunity to bring employers into contact with highly qualified candidates (your members). Offering career fair sponsorship opportunities gives participating employers a chance to gain even more exposure to and engagement with your attending members.

The key to generating revenue from your career fair events is to attract sponsors. And the key to attracting and retaining sponsors is to give them big value.

How to provide more value with your association’s career fair sponsorship opportunities

Let’s look at four effective ways to deliver greater value with your career fair sponsorship opportunities.

1. Provide sponsor branding options.

Brand recognition is a key benefit of any event sponsorship. When you visit the site for your career fair, think about how you can incorporate sponsor branding at the venue. Some ideas:

  • Offer branding opportunities through things like floor clings, elevator signage, and welcome signs.
  • Incorporate sponsors’ branding by filling welcome bags with logo items and information packets.
  • Name your event meeting rooms after your sponsors and have those sponsors be the representatives in those rooms.

2. Offer a social event.

Networking receptions are great ways to connect your sponsors and members in a social setting. Give your career fair attendees the opportunity to network with representatives from sponsor organizations at a social event at the end of your career fair. This is an excellent opportunity for job seekers to learn more about each company while giving sponsors another opportunity for brand and face-to-face exposure with attendees.

Another idea: Add a new twist on a social event at your career fair by incorporating a professional headshot station. This station not only could be sponsored, but it also would provide your members with a chance to update their headshots while networking and learning more about the sponsor.

Grow Your Career Center through Events and Meetings

3. Add a speaking session option.

Give your sponsors an opportunity to speak to your career fair attendees. Allowing them the chance to provide the welcome message at the start of the event gives prime attention to the sponsor. For example, allow a sponsor to kick off the career fair with a welcome address and ask that sponsor to make various announcements during the event.

4. Incorporate a game and prize.

Incorporating a sponsored game, such as a scavenger hunt, can drive more engagement at the career fair. And if the sponsor also provides the prizes for the winners, it’s another great opportunity for brand recognition from that organization.

Hosting a career fair is a great way to generate revenue while offering big value to your members and your industry. Learn more about how YM Careers can help you to pull off a successful career fair that delights your members and drives revenue.

Learn more about how to optimize career fairs for your association.

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